Ever since the pandemic hit us, our concerns on cleanliness, health, and wellness are becoming top priorities. Not easy though, we need to juggle in between all the obstacles such as limitation of time and energy, impracticality, and ineffectiveness.

To make it easier, we have listed down best innovated products for cleanliness, health and wellness that answer all!


Certified anti-bacterial by TUV NORD (one of the largest Certification, Supervision, Inspection and Testing Institutions in Indonesia and internationally), IUIGA Quickdry Antibacterial Diatomite Mats scientifically proven can destroy up to 74% bacteria or suppresses their growth or their ability to reproduce especially Staphylococcus Aureus and Escherichia Coli,  bacterias that are most often found in everyday life.

Diatomite uses a natural base of sedimentary rock which is the result of Japanese technology. With a basic material that can absorb water very quickly, Diatomite is suitable to be used as a doormat because the mat will always be dry, not slippery and does not become a place for bacteria to breed.

Diatomite mats also have a simple design and are suitable for use in any residential style. In addition to excellent absorption, maintenance is also very easy. You can clean IUIGA QuickDry Antibacterial Diatomite Mats using a damp cloth or running water.

Get this product at their shops: https://www.iuiga.id/Visit-Our-Stores.html


Deebot, vacuuming and mopping in-one-go robots, frees users from the time-consuming housework of vacuuming the home, offering people peace of mind and quality time to enjoy life. Ecovacs Robotics is the fastest growing global brand in intelligent home cleaning solutions, all dedicated to saving people time and letting them “Live Smart. Enjoy Life.” They offer consumers the latest technology across the largest lineup of products in the category providing a range of home robotic solutions, including: DEEBOT.

For further product details and to purchase: https://www.ecovacs.com/us/deebot-robotic-vacuum-cleaner


Feel the power of massage mastery, brought to life by cutting-edge Japanese technology. Every component is optimized for performance, leading to an extremely accurate massage chair that precisely targets your acupuncture points from head-to-toe, including your knees, for optimal energy restoration through human-like full-body massages.

Powered by state-of-the-art massage technology, comprises of Intelligent Sensors that adapt massage motions and strength precisely to your unique body contours.

Visit https://www.ogawaworld.co.id/ to view Ogawa Relaxation Series.


A practical Aerosafe Mini being used in an office


Decontamination System is the highlighted feature of Aerosafe Ecosystem products. Compared to other devices that can only filter contaminants in the air, the Decontamination System in Aerosafe products is capable of removing as well as neutralizing harmful substances around us, both in the air or on various surfaces. Aerosafe’s state-of-the-art Decontamination System works by releasing gas that contains substances that actively seek and attack bacteria, viruses and other harmful materials. Combined with innovative distribution system, Aerosafe’s Decontamination System ensures the most effective and efficient distribution of the decontamination solution.


  • Safe for other electronic devices
  • Continuous protection; Actively removes and neutralizes viruses
    and bacteria, working continuously for maximum protection anytime, anywhere
  • Completely dry and leaves no residue
  • Hospital-grade decontamination system; built from hospital-grade stainless steel

Filtration system is used in most of air purifier products in the market. Decontamination system, on the other hand, is more common to those working closely in hospital environment.


Aerosafe Portable

Aerosafe Portable in one of hospitals in Jakarta

Decontamination devices with advanced Quad-Decontamination technology integrated with a smart and safe sensor system.

Aerosafe Mini

Leading decontamination device in mini size with Dual Mode System which are Decontamination and Air Purifier.

Decontamination Mode uses the latest ozone technology to remove and neutralize bacteria, viruses and other harmful substances. Meanwhile, the Air Purifier Mode uses negative ion to eliminate PM2.5 (Fine particulate matter (PM2.5) is an air pollutant that is a concern for people’s health when levels in air are high), smoke and dust for better air quality.

Aerosafe Thermos

VC LED Chip technology for sterile drinking water, using two technologies which are UVC-sterilization system that attacks microbial DNA or RNA molecular structure and UVC LED Light for a more effective sterilization process.

For further benefits and product details, visit Aerosafe Decontamination System; My Life, My Air, My Aerosafe

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