After more than a month #StayatHome, surely you will face some challenging time right now. Especially to deal with boredom or stress during this period. To help you ease the stress or chase away the boredom, you can actually have fun playing these educational toys with your kids. We hope you’re still hanging in there and overcome this difficult time together with your family.

1. Kinetic Sand

Kinetic Sand is a toy trademarked and produced by Spin Master Ltd. but then becomes famous as it is a good toy in encouraging sensory play for toddlers and kids. Kinetic Sand or also knows as Magic Sand is made of 98% sand and 2% silicone. So, so you can pull it, shape it and mold it, to create incredible sand art. Kinetic Sand looks like regular sand or mimics the physical properties of wet sand.

2. Construction Toys

One of the constructions or building toys we’ve already know is LEGO®. Consists of colorful interlocking plastic bricks accompanying an array of gears, figurines called mini-figures, and various other parts. LEGO® pieces can be assembled and connected in many ways to construct objects, including vehicles, buildings, and working robots. Anything constructed can be taken apart again, and the pieces reused to make new things. Lego is now part of teaching techniques to children thanks to its ability to optimize the child’s motor and brain abilities.

3. Toy Blocks

Toy blocks are usually made of wooden, plastic, or foam. It comes as pieces of various shapes, such as a cube, cylinder, arch and in different colors. There are also toy blocks that depict letters of the alphabet. Toy blocks build strength in a child’s fingers and hands, as well as improve eye-hand coordination. They also help educate children in different shapes. Playing this with your kids is not only fun but also sharing the experience with them about making a friend and cooperate.

4. Puzzle

Puzzles are always a good choice to kill time in a fun way. Teaming up with your kids, both of you actually play the role of solvers to put the pieces together in a logical way, or come up with a fun solution of the puzzle. There are different types of puzzles, such as crossword puzzles, word-search puzzles, number puzzles, relational puzzles, or logic puzzles. Getting deeper, puzzles also have a contribution to mathematical research, so they also build that ability in kids and adults.

5. Toy Music Instruments

Music is one of the best healing and it is even better to have it with our loved ones. Playing toy instruments could be the simplest you can do to enjoy music while improving your kid’s sound or music ability. Playing toy instruments is also a good move to train you and your kid’s creativity and sensitivity.

6. Board Games

Board games as the all-time favorite toy for all ages is surely fun and actually have a lot of benefits for kids and adults. It boosts language skills, trains the brain, teaches the value of teamwork, as well as a great therapy system and grows the immune system.

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