6. Sayang Heulang Beach

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This beach is located not too far from Santolo and is one of the beaches that has a beautiful sunrise and big waves. Having a natural spot in the form of a mangrove forest with a coastline of up to 3.5 kilometers, the charm of Sayang Heulang Beach in Garut has long been a tourist choice for Garut residents and surrounding areas. The presence of dozens of gazebos lined up directly facing the Indian Ocean, then a comfortable pedestrian path, which stretches along the coastline, makes anyone who comes feel at home there.

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7. Rancabuaya Beach

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Besides Sayang Heulang beach, this beach is another alternative for hunting for the beauty of the sunset. The attraction of this beach is a waterfall that plunges directly from the cliff. In addition to the waterfall, tourists can also enjoy a variety of marine life such as starfish in small ponds. After enjoying the panoramic view of the setting sun, visitors can continue their activities by enjoying the view of the sprinkling of stars, while resting in a number of huts around the beach.

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8. Pulau Peucang

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Ujung Kulon National Park is not only famous because it is the original habitat of the One-horned Rhinoceros (Rhinoceros sondaicus). The existence of Peucang Island which has a very beautiful beach panorama is also the main attraction. In fact, many people claim that the beach in Peucang is one of the most beautiful beaches in the West Java region.

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9. Pangandaran Beach

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This beach is one of the beaches in West Java which has been named the best beach on the island of Java by one of the leading hotel booking sites in Asia. The beach is relatively sloping with clear water and the distance between high and low tides is long, making this beach located in Pananjung Village relatively safe for swimming. Not only is the beauty of the white sand that is worth a visit, but the presence of a number of Japanese Cave sites from World War II also deserves to be visited.

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10. Kepulauan Seribu Beach

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The Thousand Islands is indeed located in Jakarta, but because of its location not far from West Java, it makes it suitable to be included in the list of beaches in West Java. Of the 110 islands in the Thousand Islands, only 36 are suitable as tourist destinations. Of the 36 islands, Pari and Perak islands are very suitable to be chosen because they are relatively unspoiled and far from the crowds. Another notable islands are Tidung, Macan, and Bidadari.

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