10. Desa Ekowisata Bahoi, North Sulawesi

Desa Bahoi

Tourists can stay in people’s houses while watching the village culture. Not only that, the people in Bahoi Village are aware of ecotourism. This village has a variety of tourist attractions, ranging from underwater to mangrove forests. Meanwhile, the mangrove forest is managed by the community itself, complete with a variety of flora and fauna in it. Other activities that can be done in Bahoi Village are snorkeling and diving. There are about two hectares of Marine Protected Areas that have protected coral reefs.

11. Buyan Lake, Bali

Buyan Lake by milkmint39

This is one of the twin lakes in Bali. The lake is surrounded by shady trees and cool air. Buyan Lake is located at an altitude of 1,350 above sea level which of course has cool and comfortable air and at night it becomes very cold. Don’t miss the exciting experience of riding a swing on a giant tree! Even though it sounds terrible, get ready to be amazed by the beautiful natural scenery!

12. Bukit Putung, Bali

Bukit Putung

Although not as well-known as other tourist attractions, the beautiful natural scenery of the valley and the cool air is the main attraction of this hill. When you are on this hill you can see plots of rice fields belonging to the surrounding population. You can also see hill valleys filled with lush plants. The beautiful atmosphere of the hills and plantations around it is as beautiful as a painting. Don’t forget to capture your vacation moments in Bukit Putung with your camera!