The tension is building up real good! The excitement of Before LaLaLa 2019: a pre-event of LaLaLa Festival 2019 on the 30 December’s night made it just so hard for people to stop buzzing about the upcoming LaLaLa Festival 2019. The night thrilled in KIRI Social Bar Bandung featured the release of LaLaLa Festival 2019’s Official Teaser for the first time and the final national lineups announcement, to name a few. Accompanied by the best tones performances by Diskopantera, RBA, and Peppermint, the exclusive road to the event created a solid proof about how amazing the ultimate day would be.

Screening of the official trailer promises real excitement around the beautiful Orchid Forest area for practically everyone. “Through this LaLaLa Festival 2019’s Official Trailer we’d like to deliver a message that diversity is something that we embrace. No matter where you come from, what your nationality is, what music you listen to, which outfit you love to wear, LaLaLa Festival has a place for you!”, said Carmel Puma, CEO of THE Group. LaLaLa Festival 2019’s Official Trailer could be watched through LaLaLa Festival official’s youtube account.

The highly anticipated international forest music festival, set to be held on the next February 23rd, has created hums quite literally amongst the music enthusiasts. Having brought fan’s favorites such as Years & Years, The Internet, Honne, and Crush on board the celebration, it’s almost like the night couldn’t get any better.

Playing a huge part of being one of the best night ever in the latest days of 2018 was Project Pop, Diskoria, Svmmerdoze, Gabriel Mayo, and Club Dangdut Racun, which have now confirmed to join Ardhito Pramono, Fourtwnty, and the Sheila On 7 themselves on LaLaLa Festival 2019. Joining as the final national line-up for the festival, they will be performing alongside all the other multicultural international acts: Jeremy Passion, Joe Hertz, Astronomyy, Gentle Bones, Alex TBH, and Pomo.

Before LaLaLa was quite a night for so many other reasons too. Aspiring musicians from all over the nation have waited for the finalist announcements of the ultimate Music Submission, #YouSingLaLaLa. “This is what we mean by saying that LaLaLa festival is a festival for everyone, not only for the visitors, but also for the performers. Each year we always give our best spot for the local performers. Fifteen chosen names have been up for good, and they will be expected to compete in the next round to share the stage with all of their favorite performers”, added Carmel Puma.

Make sure to stay tuned on the official social media pages for all the upcoming details. Reserve your ticket before everyone else heard the words too, go straight to, and we’ll see you there!

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