Due to the pandemic, safety transportation modal choice is crucial, so let’s take a peek at the health protocol standards of Garuda Indonesia, which has been named the world’s airline with the best health and safety protocol implementation standards. This is based on the results of the Safe Travel Barometer audit, an independent audit agency that assesses standard aspects of the implementation of global airline health and safety protocols in preventing the spread of Covid-19. 

The health protocol starts at the Rapid Check Center, make sure you prepare documents of your Rapid test / PCR test results, give spare time at least 4 hours before the flight so that your document checking time runs comfortably, and social distancing is a must. You are also required to download the Indonesian Health Alert Card application to fill in your personal and travel data, as a general travel protocol. 

During the check-in and boarding process, Garuda Indonesia equipped the crew to use masks and gloves in serving passengers, passengers were also given a set of masks and hand sanitizers before entering the plane. The placement of passenger seats is subject to social distancing with seats marked according to the color of the label (the orange part of the label is a seat that cannot be occupied).

Garuda Indonesia also ensures that air circulation in the aircraft cabin is free from the Covid-19 virus by carrying out a HEPA Filter which functions to filter even the smallest small particles of viruses and bacteria, the air circulation is continuously updated every 2 – 3 minutes with this system. The inflight meal is kept hygienic and neatly wrapped before it reaches the passenger. Above all, staying home is the best way to protect yourself and others from COVID-19, but if you have to do travel, make sure you choose the safety transportation and followed all the health protocoler, do these three actions: Use your mask, wash your hand, and do social distancing. If you wish a travel for pleasure, be a hero for your own country by choosing domestic tours only and be a Wise Traveler guys, adhere all of the health protocols

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