10. Terminale Gelato

Offering 24 flavors, Terminale is famous with their signature Raddler and Black Sakura. Using the fresh ingredients and low sugar, Terminale gelato claimed as the healthier yummy gelato. Served in a cup (Rp 30.000), the customer can choose 4 cup sizes (80, 120, 180, and 260 milliliters).

Terminale Gelato
Living Plaza, Jl Ir. H. Juanda No 61-63

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11. Pietro’s Gelato

Located in Cihampelas Walk Bandung, Pietro’s Gelato is famous with their Es Jempol (mini gelato). Served with the mini cone, you can pick 4 flavors in a package (Rp 20.000). Then, a bowl of gelato with toppings is also worth to try. They have marshmallow, green tea pocky, choco bar, and cereal for toppings. Favorite flavors of gelato that worth to try are bubblegum, chocolate, vanilla, taro, and strawberry.

Pietro’s Gelato
Cihampelas Walk