As one of the hotels that has been established before Indonesia’s independence, Hotel Savoy Homann is certainly a very special hotel. Apart from having witnessed various historical events in this country, the hotel’s ability to maintain its existence until now deserves thumbs up. Are you curious about what makes this hotel special? Let’s check the list below:

1. Located at the heart of Bandung

View of Asia Africa Street from Homann Suite balcony

Talking about strategic location, it seems that nothing is more strategic than Hotel Savoy Homann. How not, this hotel is on proximity from the ground zero Bandung. The hotel is also located on the most strategic and the oldest main street in Bandung, Asia Afrika street. From Hotel Savoy Homann you can easily go to the business, commercial and tourist areas in the city of Bandung.

2. Good spot for historical tourism

Homann Suite Master Bedroom
Homann Suite Living Room

If you are a history lover, this hotel is guaranteed to be a place that will really pamper you. This hotel is even a part of history itself. We are certainly no stranger to the Asia Africa Conference which took place in 1955. This hotel was a witness and a place to stay for various leaders of Asian and African countries. You can also feel this experience until now in the Homaan Suite type of room which was the place to stay for important leaders of some countries, such as India’s first prime minister, Jawaharlal Nehru, or our first president, Ir. Soekarno. Isn’t that amazing?

3. Comfortable Executive Suite

Executive Suite at Savoy Homann

If Homann Suite is too big for you, we highly recommend staying in the Executive Suite room type. This type of room is also spacious with comfortable mattress, bathroom with bathtub, and what is most special for us is the direct access to the balcony overlooking Asia Afrika street. Really you have to try to sit here at night while enjoying the atmosphere of the street, really romantic.

4. Experience culinary delights at Side Walk Resto

Sidewalk Resto
Sidewalk Resto Menu

Starting to feel hungry while staying at Hotel Savoy Homann? If so, Side Walk Resto can be the answer to fill up your belly. FYI, Sidewalk Resto has just re-opened this year. Here you will find a very comfortable modern art deco interior in the restaurant. You can enjoy a variety of menu choices such as Steak, Pizza, and other artisan menus specially prepared by Hotel Savoy Homann’s chef, Chef Dani Rustiandi. Apart from enjoying the food, in our opinion this Sidewalk Resto offers a variety of unique photo spots too!

5. High Quality is always maintained

Garden Restaurant at Savoy Homann

Has it ever crossed your mind why this hotel can survive after decades? The answer is the quality of their service which is always maintained. If you stay here you will definitely feel the extraordinary hospitality of the hotel’s staffs here. The cleanliness of the rooms and all areas of the hotel is always well maintained, especially during a pandemic like this, health problems are always the main concern of all visitors. Your health and safety will be guaranteed if you stay at Hotel Savoy Homann. You will feel the experience of staying in Bandung in the past, but with a comfortable modern atmosphere.

Hotel Savoy Homann
Jl. Asia Afrika No. 112 Bandung