What to do if… You Want Two Passports For Your Child in Indonesia? So, your kid is from a mixed marriage (foreigner/Indonesian) and you want two nationalities for him or her? Well, the good news is that Indonesian law allows most kids born after August 1, 2006, to retain two nationalities. The even-more-good news is that obtaining an Indonesian passport is easy. The bad news is that getting hold of a passport from your own country varies from nation to nation and thus cannot be covered here under one article.

So best get in touch with your consulate or embassy at the earliest opportunity—we’d advise doing this before getting the Indonesian passport in case there are any points you need to consider. We’d also advise going the Indonesian citizenship route for all sorts of reasons, and not having your child stay as a foreigner with a visa. It makes life all the simpler and traveling with two passports is a breeze.

Rather than dwell on the pros and cons here, however, we will assume that you want to obtain an Indonesian passport for your mixed-marriage child born after August 1, 2006, allowing for the fact that your marriage is ongoing, and your child is with you in Indonesia.

We would also advise that the Indonesian partner fills in all forms and deals with all immigration matters. In fact, we used our family for this with a power of attorney arranged. All very easy.

What the law states
The citizenship law of 2006 states that children of mixed marriages born after August 1, 2006, have the right to dual nationality. At the age of 18, your child will have to decide which nationality he or she “keeps” and will have three years in which to make the decision. Then, a day after their 21st birthday, unless they have notified of their intention to remain an Indonesian citizen, their citizenship will be revoked, and they will be treated as a foreigner.

For kids born before August 1, 2006, the case is a little murkier. We’d strongly advise contacting your nearest immigration office: this article is really only for parents of new kids or expectant parents.

Certificate of Proof of Registration
Before you get started, you must submit a form registering the child you want two nationalities for to the immigration office. After this, you will get a Certificate of Proof of Registration.

Documents needed:
– Completed application form
– Original and copy of Indonesian parent’s KTP
– Kartu Keluarga (family card), passports, and KITAS/KITAP of foreign parent
– Valid birth certificate (Akta Kelahiran) and marriage certificate (Akta Nikah)
(All originals copied to A4 paper)

Processing time is about three days.
For the affidavit
While a child may possess an Indonesian birth certificate and passport, the affidavit recognizes that his or her status is limited to some extent. It is not a passport, and while it may be used for travel, we strongly suggest that you get a passport too.

1. Ensure you have a valid birth certificate (Akta Kelahiran) and then head to your nearest immigration office to commence the affidavit process. Ensure you have multiple copies of the birth certificate, your marriage certificate (Akta Nikah) and any foreign passports the child holds and the parents’ passports (first page of all passports).
2. Fill in the Formulir Permohonan Affidavit.
3. Prepare an application letter written in Bahasa Indonesia (search on Google images for the template) and signed by his/her Indonesian parent.
5. Submit all to immigration department and sign.
6. You will then be notified when the affidavit is ready.

The affidavit is now a small card and it will change when the foreign passport number of the child changes. That is, if the foreign passport expires and has to be made again, a new affidavit will be needed. Note: While there isn’t any easy way for immigration officials to check, it is valid for one trip out and in again only. We don’t know of this being enforced, though.

For the passport

1. Download and sign in to the Antrian Paspor app on Google Play and you will get a scheduled time to go to the immigration office.
2. Come at your scheduled time, report to the receptionist, and get a queue number.
3. Documents needed:
Copy and original of:
– the marriage certificate (Akta Nikah) of the parents
- the Kartu Keluarga (family card)
- the birth certificate (Akta Kelahiran) of the child
- the affidavit of the child
- the KTP of the Indonesian parent
- the passport and KITAS/KITAP (if relevant) of the foreign parent
3. Submit all of these documents to the immigration official
4. Wait. Could be days so no need to hang around.
5. Return for photos and fingerprints.
6. Pay (check your immigration office for current fees)
7. Wait usually less than five days.

And voila! Your child now has Indonesian citizenship—dual if you’ve already got the other passport. Welcome to hassle-free travel in and out of the country. Just be sure to have all documents up to date and with you when you travel.