The struggle of Sundanese women in the Dutch East Indies era became the main story in the monologue show ‘Wanodja Soenda’ on January 28. 2020 by The Lodge Foundation. Taking place at the Bidakara Hotel Grand Savoy Homann, the show was directed by Wawan Sofwan. Sundanese women who became the inspiration for this monologue show were Dewi Sartika, Lasminingrat, and Emma Poeradiredja.

Played by Sita Nursanti (Dewi Sartika), Maudy Koesnaedi (Lasminingrat), and Rieke Dyah Pitaloka (Emma Poeradiredja), this show presents the atmosphere of Bandung in the 1930s era and tells about the spirit of resistance from Sundanese women in the Dutch and Japanese colonies.