B10 Café Braga in collaboration with VIBE has successfully held a Bar Takeover event on Friday, February 22, 2020. This bar takeover event brought the theme “New Lifestyle of Cocktail Creation” where it relates to young people who are fond of contemporary cocktails.

The bar takeover itself is directly led by Iman Liesmulla as a professional bartender in the city of Bandung. Some cocktails were also made by Iman as material for discussion and sharing information about Bars and Cocktails. Starting from the technique to make the drink, tasting, presentation, to the skills of becoming a professional bartender, Iman shared with guests who presented last Friday.

Iman Liesmulla said, “There is nothing wrong in the bar. Good taste is relative, so we can’t generalize people’s tastes. So there are no band cocktails. I can say my drink is good, but not necessarily other people will say it good as well. It all depends on each person’s taste.”