On April 19 and 20, Rasi invited the Humane studio team to teach the basics of User Experience to prototyping in the Wannabe UX # 9. This workshop was filled by 11 Warriors from various fields and wanted to understand and deepen the User Experience.

The Humane Team started the first day of the workshop by discussing how to make User Experience good for digital products. In addition to differentiating between UX and UI, they also outlined the coverage that is in the UX process. They also defined what makes good in UX and started workshops to formulate design product ideas.

The workshop began with conducting user research, where the Warriors were asked to describe marketing targets, user segmentation, user persona, and user behavior. The Warriors continued by describing the persona of the design that they want to make in the paper cubes which consists of images, names and descriptions, goals, challenges, and habits. Then, the Warriors determined the user behavior to reach the journey user which is a series of steps that the user will take in the application of the product.

The second day of the workshop continued with the creation of ideas which was a continuation of the construction of the user journey the previous day. The creation of ideation was followed by the process of sketching the wireframe which made the visual design of digital products available. The user experience process ended with prototyping where the warriors completed the design and present it in front of the class. The Humane team directed the class and gave feedback to each warrior on the development of the skills honed over the two days.