Tian Jing Lou Chinese Specialty Restaurant is back! Tian Jing Lou is re-open with a new face. Various typical Chinese ornaments that earmark with red color are the main identity of this restaurant. In addition, it is also equipped with new stalls and new linens that carry elements motifs and colors characteristic of Chinese. This new look is complete with artworks by Ibu Dr. Tjutju Widjaja, S.Sn, M.Sn in the Tian Jing Lou area which is also become an exhibition of paintings with very charming Chinese calligraphy.

Tjutju Widjaja is an artist from Bandung who has a lot of inspiration for painting from his grandson. This is in line with the various experiences that make Tjutju intensely continue to work. Tjutju Widjaja is also a Chinese calligraphy artist, saying, Chinese calligraphy is writing Chinese characters in a beautiful way. Calligraphy contains a variety of writings, ranging from poetry to wise words. There are many benefits of Chinese calligraphy.

A total of 13 artworks are for sale and can be collected by guests who are really interested in painting. The bright color and touch of Chinese specialty make Tian Jing Lou fresher and opulent that is suitable for you and your family to spend your culinary time in Bandung.

Tian Jing Lou
InterContinental Bandung Dago Pakar
Jl. Resor Dago Pakar 2 B, Bandung
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