After two years of Eid with all the limitations. This year we can all celebrate Eid al-Fitr more freely. Bandung will certainly be one of the favorite destinations during this long holiday. To help you make a list of what to do, check out our guide about things to do during the Eid holiday in Bandung.

1. Visiting Lembang

Lembang Park & Zoo

Visiting a mountainous area that offers a very cool and breezy area is certainly a favorite for everyone while on vacation, especially if you are from Jakarta. For that reason, Lembang will definitely be a favorite for travelers visiting Bandung. In addition to the cool air, Lembang also offers various interesting destinations such as The Great Asia Africa, The Lodge Maribaya, and Lembang Park & Zoo For those of you who want to have a culinary tour, Lembang also has a variety of interesting dining and coffee shops to visit.

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2. Culinary Heaven

Alas Daun/Photo: IG

For culinary matters, Bandung can be said to be food heaven. How is that even possible? In Bandung, you can find various types of food. From street food, coffee shop, and traditional restaurant that offers local fares to fancy restaurants, everything is here. Sundanese food is of course not to be missed because it is a staple food here and Bandung has much to offer. Savor all the goodness from Sundanese food in a very traditional and authentic way. 

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3. Visiting Instagrammable Dining Spots

Yumaju 3.0

In recent years, more and more Instagramable cafes in Bandung have sprung up. Starting from the cool communal space to cafes with tropical nuances, everything is in Bandung. Don’t forget to prepare your best outfit, because the photo moment should not be missed, of course.

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