Whether you call it communal space or sometimes lifestyle hub, shopping house, or just marketplace, this concept recently has popped out in every corner of the city. The idea of gathering with your friends and family surrounded by all perfectly lined up down-to-earth restaurants, cafes, and retail shops is really becoming a humble destination to visit. In this guide, we have picked worth visiting communal spaces for you while in Bandung.

Gudang Selatan 22

photo by: @masipul_

This old armory in one corner of the city of Bandung has been transformed into a cool communal space. Gudang Selatan 22 gives new life to the area that was once very quiet. Here, you can find various cafes and bars that are currently creating hype in Bandung such as Fu King Kopi Tiam, Kozy Coffee to Makmur Bahagia. In addition to cafes, there are also various clothing shops and offices of various creative companies. For those of you who like to seek knowledge, Gudang Selatan 22 also regularly holds various workshops about the digital creative world.

Jl. Gudang Selatan 22, Bandung

Critical 11

Imagine relaxing and perching on your favourite seat watching the the-ever busy plane’s activity that is about to land and take off. Yes, you can feel that experience at Critical 11. This hype community space is on the edge of the runway area of Husein Sastranegara Airport. Here you can find various tenants such as Kopi Toko Djawa, Got Beef, to Ziato Gelato. At Critical 11 you can also visit the first runaway pool bar in Indonesia, Mr. Moonlight. Because of its open space and spacious area, music concerts are often held here.

Jl. Pajajaran Dalam No. 148, Husen Sastranegara, Bandung

Hallway Space

Who would have thought that one of the abandoned corners of the Kosambi Market could be turned into a communal space? The stalls that were once empty are now here with various tenants of food, accessories, hobbies, and clothes made in Bandung. In addition, Hallway Space also regularly holds live music, art events, and community gatherings in Bandung. Inadvertently, this place increases the interest of young people to visit the market.

Pasar Kosambi, Jl. Jendral Ahmad Yani No. 221 – 223, Bandung

Stocker House

photo by @fairyfoodies

If you find a small red door between the shopping buildings on Jalan Braga, that’s the entrance to Stocker House. This communal space, which was only established in 2021, has a unique place, which is a large spacious area between the busy shopping areas in Braga. The shape of the building in Stocker House still maintains its original shape so you can still feel the classic and vintage feels of Jalan Braga.

Jl. Braga No. 43, Bandung

Ruang 8

This communal space is located in the Dago area. Here you can find various food tenants such as Kinokimi Coffee, Sliced Pizza, The Gourmet Burger Club, to Mad Bagel. The area is an open space and located on a relatively quiet street, making Room 8 a suitable place for a casual hangout with friends or just having a casual ‘me-time moment. For those of you who like cycling, there is Bike Story which serves bicycle washing and sells various bicycle accessories.

Jl. Ranggamalela No. 8, Tamansari, Bandung

Sherlock Common Space

If you want to find a casual meeting place or work with a strategic location, this Sherlock Common Space might be your ideal choice. Its location in the Riau Bandung area makes its position so easy to reach. For those of you who like coffee, there is also a Starbucks here.

Jl. LLRE Martadinata No. 217, Bandung