The Papandayan recently celebrated its 31st anniversary on 30 April 2021, and the hotel was having a breakfasting gathering invited the hotel’s partners at the Cimanuk Ballroom of The Papandayan Hotel.

The event was commenced by a welcoming speech from the General Manager Bobby Renaldi and followed by a yellow cone rice cutting ceremony in which the first sliced was being given to the most dedicated employee as a symbol of appreciation. There was also a religious speech by Ustadz H. Abdurrahman Yuri from Yayasan Daarut Tauhiid Bandung, then followed by an appreciation ceremony in honoring the hotel’s partners who were participated during the Ramadan Media Group competition, and the event was concluded with praying together and breakfasting dinner, where all guests enjoyed the Iftar feast together with all employees.

In conjunction with the anniversary, The Papandayan offered a special room deal and special discount on the “Pasar Ramadan” breakfasting buffet during April.

Social events also were being held such as blood donation, breakfasting with orphanages and charity donation to some social foundations.

On its 31st anniversary, The Papandayan which was being built in 1990 keeps giving its best commitment to always provide its guests with the best facilities and services along with their tagline Tribute to Decade of Excellence and Exciting Future.