Entering the New Normal era has raised significant questions about how and to what extent the hotel world is able to adapt to challenging times like today. As we all know that the implementation of standard health protocols has become a necessity and a special concern in the world of hospitality. But what can be the differentiating factors, so that a brand continues to gain the trust of all its guests and consumers? This kind of challenge is what HARRIS Hotels & Conventions Festival Citylink is trying to answer.

In addition to implementing the international standard “Ascott Cares” from The Ascott Limited, the hotel continues to make the best innovations that are expected to be able to answer all needs, while maintaining the safety and health of all its guests. All necessities including work meetings, weddings, and graduations have become a special concern for this hotel with a healthy lifestyle concept.

The concept of the New Normal Meeting with acrylic bulkheads, safe distance management, and the provision of several supporting equipment such as sanitation kits, portable hand washers, and automatic hand sanitizers are expected to support the trust of all guests. In addition, all food and beverage products are ensured for their cleanliness. For wedding packages, out of the box ideas tailored to the needs of the new normal are ready to be the right choice for the prospective bride and groom.

HARRIS Hotel & Conventions Festival Citylink presents a Virtual Wedding concept with Giant LED Screen technology and Drive-Thru Wedding concept. There is also a new way to enjoy All You Can Eat Dim sum with exciting steamboat sauce, available every Saturday at HARRIS Hotels & Conventions Festival Citylink Bandung.

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