Manners maketh man they say, and we agree. It’s not only how you show your attitudes but how you dress in a suit. Basically, every man needs a gentleman’s bespoke shirting and suits that are perfectly tailored to the body. Here are the best tailors in Bandung for your specific and personalized needs.

MC Tailor

A family business with over 40 years of experience, MC Tailor & Textile ensures customers’ experiences are as good as their high-quality tailor-made suits. It usually takes a week to construct a suit at MC Tailor, but their 24-hour workshop can finish one within 12 hours if needed without compromising on the quality. What’s unique about them is the ability to mix the traditional and the modern cut, blended harmoniously to become their masterpieces. Your suit is meant to fit for you only and that’s why they let you choose the finishing for the suit. From pick stitching, buttonholes, name embroidery or anything, you name it.

Jl. Sumbawa No. 28 Bandung
P: 0838 – 1115 – 8001

Andrea Marco

Bespoke tailoring at Andrea Marco makes formal suits for men and women that fit any occasion. Whether it is for a party or work, Andrea Marco also has an expert/professional consultant who will help you create the perfect outfit according to your wants and needs. Clients will also be able to customize and personalize the products they want until it gets the best results.

Jl. Batununggal Indah Raya No.283, Batununggal, Bandung
Ph: 0899 – 1944 – 555

Philip Bespoke Tailor

Established in 1991, Philip has a strong passion for suits. Since he was very young, he learned from both his parents who are also masters in fashion, making Philip excel both in knowledge and technique, especially in men’s suits. Having a background in art and design, strengthens the process of the suit’s details, helping Philip complete his bespoke tailor not only for suits but also in creating bespoke shoes, shirts, ties, and all its accessories. Philip does not make suits, he makes a piece of art.

Jl. Kejaksaan No. 25, Braga, Bandung
P: 0816606780/0816621991

Ivan Lou

What we love about Ivan Lou professional tailor is he tailors and personalizes every suit for clients’ specific needs and fittings. With a design mission to create effortless silhouettes that accentuate every figure that serves well to different heights and body postures. This includes the materials and the colors that are more suitable. Several fitting processes are needed to adjust, to guarantee a perfect fit. Ivan Lou’s loyal clientele, high-quality work, and first-rate service speak for itself.

Jl. Peta No.190, Bandung
P: +6285.6220.8871

John & Fred Tailor

Established in 1978, John & Fred Tailor is one of the oldest tailors in Bandung. The store’s expert tailors have over 40 years of experience under their belts and are skilled in working with a variety of materials. Whether it’s for a classy vintage or modern silhouette and patterns, they make the most tasteful and elegant suits for perfection. On the other side, they also make hand-painted Batik from cotton.

Jl. Veteran No.20, Bandung
P: +6222 4264404, +6281220000505

Milyun Tailor

Founded in 1990, Milyun Tailor provides original handmade suits with the best quality and affordable price. Milyun Tailor’s expertise skills and measuring techniques assure a perfect fitting for every type of body.

Jl. Laswi No.66, Batununggal, Bandung,
P: +62 852-9513-2355