The Film and Television Program of the Indonesian Cultural Arts Institute (ISBI) Bandung held the 3rd Nusantara Cultural Film Festival with the theme “VARIOUS CULTURES IN INDONESIAN FILMS” on October 29, 30, 31 2021. The event took place at Sunan Ambu Arts Building, Jalan Buah Batu 212 Bandung. Emphasizing the concept of Nusantara cultures in this film festival is expected to be a media for filmmakers, academics, students, college students and public to develop creativity in their work, and to explore the potential of Indonesian cultural diversity in audio-visual recordings/recorded media so that the Nusantara’s valuable assets can be used and appreciated by the wider community.

The Nusantara Cultural Film Festival, was first released in 2018 and is designed to be the annual flagship program of the ISBI Bandung Film and Television Program. The objectives of this festival are to: 1) increase the production of qualified Indonesian films; 2) increase public awareness of the culture of the Indonesian archipelago; 3) as a media of appreciation for Indonesian films among students and college students/general public; 4) as a competition to improve the quality of Indonesian films. During the 2021 festival, since the information of the festival was spread, the enthusiasm of the participants was very good. More than 250 titles of films with the theme of Indonesian culture from various regions in various categories have registered to celebrate the annual celebration of this cultural-themed film.

The implementation of the Nusantara Cultural Festival is packed with various supporting activities which include:

1) Pre Event – Damar Ardi (Film Producer)
2) Event – Cinema class that presents filmmakers, namely; Visinema, Jakarta Arts Council Film Committee – Madani Film Festival, Pria Yudi Pamungkas (Alumnus of FTV ISBI Bandung)
3) Event – Film Sapa Festival with the title “You n I” Directed by Fanny Chotimah
4) Event – Nominees’ Film Screenings
5) Event – Pitching Forum
6) Awarding – Performing Arts and Awarding Night

Judges for General and Student Fiction Film Categories: Yudi Datau (Cinematographer), Andy Bachtiar Yusuf (Director), R.Y Adam Panji Purnama (Academic). The judges for the General and Student Documentary Film Categories are: Arfan Sabran (Documentary), Wahyu Utami (Documentary) and Apip (Academic). Pitching Forum Judges: Enok Wartika (Academic), Aditya Gumay (Producer), Futria (Alumnus of FTV ISBI Bandung). The festival theme “VARIOUS CULTURES IN INDONESIAN FILMS” is chosen because Indonesia is a country with a diversity of cultural heritages that are abundant, unique, beautiful, and rare. There is a saying, “A great nation is a nation that loves its culture”. Through the Nusantara Cultural Film Festival, the Film and Television Program, Faculty of Culture and Media, ISBI Bandung, tries to be a part of contribution of inheriting and preserving the noble values ​​of the nation’s culture program.