On Friday, February 28, 2020, Hotel Cycling Club Bandung (H2C) held its 2nd Anniversary. This H2C anniversary event began with 2 notes & gave food to An-Nida Rosasa’s orphanage at Jl. Karapitan 58 as an expression of gratitude and attention to the orphanage children.

The highlight of the H2C Anniversary event was held at LaPalma Lt 7 Atlantic City Hotel. The event began with a recitation of prayers and special prayers to the late Kang Fordy where he was one of the initiators and the first chairman of H2C. Followed by remarks from the Chairman of H2C, Kang Dida, remarks from Mr. Ferdinand Tiket.Com and then dinner while enjoying entertainment.

This event can be held with the support of sponsors, including Tiket.Com, Atlantic City Hotel, favehotel Hypersquare, favehotel Braga, Teman Bike friends, Toza Juice, and all members of the Cycling Club Hotel Bandung.