Yayasan Taruna Bakti (YTB) is always thriving and committed to resulting students with the best quality for greater education and academic purposes. One of YTB’s efforts is to dispatch their best students to participate in several international competitions both in Asia and Europe, in the hope of making Indonesia proud in the international world. Recently, there are many achievements that YTB has achieved this year through Taruna Bakti High School skilled and talented students, these international competitions include:

I. International Bosnian Science Project Olympiad (BOSEPO) 2021

BOSEPO 2021 was held on 19 and 20 February 2021 in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina (Europe) online. Class X student Klinka Fayruz Chalisa as a finalist contributed the research title “Vegetable Electricity”. This title discusses renewable energy sources from plant chlorophyll. This event was attended by 184 teams from 7 countries in the world and Indonesia won the Bronze Medal – BOSEPO 2021.

II. International Science Project Olympiad (INSPO) 2021

INSPO 2021 was held from 1 to 2 May 2021 in Istanbul, Turkey, and was attended by 15 countries. Class X students, namely Klinka Fayruz Chalisa and Armelyza Alder Rustam succeeded in achieving at 3rd place – INSPO 2021, by presenting research on renewable energy sources from chlorophyll called “Chlorophyll Fuel Cell (CFC)”. This research is still in undergoing development in order to obtain optimal results to obtain renewable energy that is useful for the future.

III. International Online – Forum of Scientific Youth 2021

Taruna Bakti High School also made the nation proud at the International Online – Forum of Scientific Youth with the theme “Step into the Future” which was held from 22 March to 30 April 2021 in Moscow, Russia. This event is an international scientific competition participated by 1,078 young researchers from 23 countries around the world.

Indonesia was successfully represented by two class X students, namely Klinka Fayruz Chalisa and Armelyza Alder Rustam with the project title “CFC (Chlorophyll Fuel Cell): Electricity Test of The Chlorophyll of Papaya Leaves (Carica Papaya L) As A Green Power Source of Electricity” and won the “Grand Award Winner” for the Diplomas category, established by “RusHydro” PJSC.

IV. International Science Project Competition 2021

Most recently, the Gold Medal & Silver Medal were won at the International Science Project Competition (INTOC) Global which was held from April 30 to June 5, 2021, in Ankara, Turkey. The Gold Medal was contributed by class X students, namely Tasya Mulia Hasan and Vitania Untari in the field of Social Sciences. Meanwhile, the Silver Medal was contributed by Armelyza Alder Rustam and Klinka Fayruz Chalisa in Physics and Engineering. INTOC Global is a world-class science project competition that is attended by 23 teams from 21 countries in the world.

“As a high school with an immixture concept that has noble character and excels in achievement, Taruna Bakti High School is always committed to producing high-quality students and able to contend in global competitions, hopefully, this will be a positive consistency to work for Indonesia,” said Asep Gunawan, Principal of Taruna Bakti High School.

“Taruna Bakti High School, which is sheltered by YTB, will always strive to improve the quality of education by making its students focus on being the best learning people in the surrounding environment and love for the homeland by continuing to pursue national and international achievements, to always make Indonesia proud. Pandemic is not a barrier for us!” explained Ibramsyah Amir, General Chairperson of the Yayasan Taruna Bakti.