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Top Trendy Cafes on Braga Street – Bandung

Recently, Braga Street has been getting more and more bustling. This has resulted in the emergence of various new aesthetic

Relaxing in the Hidden Haven at Hidden Farm

When you’re in Bandung, if you want to visit a fresh, relaxing, and verdant area with beautiful views from the

Bandung New Tables: September 2022

There’s always something fresh to discover, that’s part of the reason you love Bandung so much. Stay up to date

Bandung New Tables: August 2022

We give kudos to Bandung for their creativity and efforts. They have no limits. Even though it was hit by

The Best Bike-friendly Cafés In Bandung

Bike-friendly cafés are sometimes becoming a great pit stop for bikers who want to hang out and relax after cycling.

Bandung New Tables: June 2022

This month, Bandung has received a variety of new cafes and restaurants for you, food lovers. As one of the

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