bandung new tables

Bandung New Tables: August 2021

We give kudos to Bandung for their creativity and efforts. They have no limits. Even though it was hit by

Bandung New Tables: July 2021

Save this. While we’re still in government’s restriction to stay home and minimize public’s mobilization. Here is our list to

Bandung New Tables: June 2021

After Lebaran, many new cafes / restaurants in Bandung open their tables for the public. The good news is that

Bandung New Tables: May 2021

The month of Ramadan is truly a month full of blessings. Especially for those of you who like to eat

Bandung New Tables: March 2021

Even in the midst of a pandemic situation, many new cafes and restaurants in Bandung are still starting to open

Bandung New Tables: February

In this month of love, there are several restaurants and cafes who open their door and start serving their customers.

Bandung New Tables December 2020

Enjoy your quality time with friends or family at our list of December new tables in Bandung. Babamie Noodle Bar

Bandung New Tables November 2020

Enjoy the November cold yet refreshing weather at our picks of Bandung new tables this month. Whether to enjoy delicious

Bandung New Tables October 2020

We’re excited to welcome the new dining and hangout places in Bandung. Check our list of Bandung new tables for

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