bandung new tables

Bandung New Tables: August 2022

We give kudos to Bandung for their creativity and efforts. They have no limits. Even though it was hit by

Bandung New Tables: July 2022

Bandung’s culinary scene keeps delivering the goods this month. While there are myriad restaurants to choose from in our fair

Bandung New Tables: June 2022

This month, Bandung has received a variety of new cafes and restaurants for you, food lovers. As one of the

Bandung New Tables: May 2022

The month of Ramadan is truly a month full of blessings. Especially for those of you who like to eat

Bandung New Tables: April

This April, the majority of people will welcome the month of Ramadan. There are lots to check out. Embark on

Bandung New Tables: March 2022

The ballooning case of Covid-19 doesn’t stop the culinary entrepreneurs to open a brand new space for us to dine

Bandung New Tables: February

It’s time to embrace February with a positive and adventurous attitude. Leave your favorite spots to rest and show some

Bandung New Tables: January 2021

Bandung will never run out of various interesting and unique places to visit. Several new cafes began to appear with

Bandung New Tables December 2021

Bandung F&B’s scene never ceases to amaze us, there’s always more and new to explore every month. In the mood

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