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6 Best Steakhouses in Bandung

When the meat craving hits you, where do you go? Here is our recommendation of the best steakhouses in Bandung!

10 Recommended Buffet Dining Places in Bandung

Having a short visit or even vacation with your crew or family to Bandung this weekend? Then you should put at least these restaurant where you can enjoy a buffet dining with wide and best selection of dishes, from Indonesia, Western, to Asian cuisine.
Guide to The Legendary Braga Street in Bandung

Guide to The Legendary Braga Street in Bandung

The legendary Braga street in Bandung is holding travel treasure gems. You will be able to find antique stores and old school restaurant with original recipe back to the 20s.

Saka Socks A Punch!

By: Amanda Mead - @itisall.a.okay I happened to walk past here one sunny Friday morning with my laptop in my
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