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Aston Braga Hotel and Residence, Bandung

Aston Braga Hotel & Residence, Bandung is a four (4) stars hotel property established in January 2006. Aston Braga Hotel

Saka Socks A Punch!

By: Amanda Mead – @itisall.a.okay I happened to walk past here one sunny Friday morning with my laptop in my

New Adventure Park at Padma Hotel Bandung

New Adventure Park at Padma Hotel Bandung

In August 2018, Padma Hotel Bandung unveiled a fresh new look adventure park! The addition of this area was built in order to impress returning and first-time guests alike.

Eat Your Greens at Greens and Beans

If you ever have a day when goreng is not your thing, and you crave some colour and freshness in your diet, you can rely on Greens and Beans to satisfy.