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Seuhaaah Festival

Seuhaah Festival – Aneka Kuliner Pedas Spicy Culinary BoothLive MusicSpicy Food CompetitionChef TableKemerdekaan FestivalCabaretCover DanceCosplay at Parking Area, Lobby Langit

17 Best Bars in Bandung

Bandung is never a boring city, even after the dark. The city keeps on bustling at night through its hip

Quadra Gallery Veteran Launching

Quadra has opened their new gallery in Bandung on Veteran Street. As the second gallery in Bandung, you can find

BALLIN’ In Bandung

BALLIN’ in BandungWaddup!!! Are you ready to BALLIN’??Mark your calendar!We’ve filled up our gas tank and revved up our engine.

13 Recommended Hangout Places in Bandung

Bandung is always a choice when it comes to a place for short vacation or weekend getaway thanks to the city's exciting places.
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