Since early 2000, the development of Kota Baru Parahyangan (KBP) always has had 3 main concept pillars namely culture, history, education, and implementing a sustainable development pattern by balancing economic, social, and environmental aspects. Until now, KBP is the first and largest city development project covering an area of 1,250 ha in Greater Bandung. It has a very strategic location in West Bandung District that’s connected to Purbaleunyi and Cipularang toll roads and is also directly located across from Saguling Lake.

As an independent city, KBP has developed its vision as an Independent (Mandiri), Civilian (Madani), and Natural (Alami). This becomes further proof of the completeness of various city facilities that will fulfill resident’s and surrounding denizens’ needs. An external implication is making KBP an option for residential and business areas. As well as empowering the surrounding community.

As support for an Independent City (Mandiri), KBP builds a town center and commercial area. One of KBP’s proudest icons which had just joined at the end of April was IKEA. KBP also provides fitness center facilities, various culinary areas, Parahyangan Golf, national and international educational facilities, ranging from playgroups to universities, complete commercial areas from culinary fields to beauty, as well as recreational water theme parks which are planned to operate in 2022.

Business and Investment opportunities are increasingly promising at KBP because they are supported by Sustainable Development which creates residential, commercial areas, and city facilities that are increasingly complete. Currently, the population of KBP has reached more than 3000 families, and accessibility to KBP will be easier with the construction of the Simpang Padalarang Fly Over, and the planned High-Speed Train (HST) Station at Padalarang Station, which is less than 1 KM from KBP.

Talking about a strategic location and complete facilities, business opportunities as well as investment, Kota Baru Parahyangan is the perfect location for smart investment. Investment is the right choice to develop capital faster. In addition, the type of investment that is very promising today is property investment, because the property becomes an asset that continues growing and has higher values over time. And of course, KBP’s strategic location is one of the crucial factors that will affect its performance.

Right now, there is the last block from Ruko Town Center, Pancawarna Shopping Arcade Block D, and E, which is located strategically near the IKEA Store KBP and side by side with the KBP Modern Market. After a successful project with the previous block, Pancawarna Shopping Arcade Re-Opens a golden opportunity for all business and investment enthusiasts. The newest and final block in this golden location is housed side by side with a modern market plan, which is well-connected to access, thereby increasing business traffic.

For those of you who crave a comfortable residence with a healthy environment, as well as the right asset for smart investing, KBP is a good answer, because allocating funds to invest in today’s opportunity will be fruitful to meet future goals. For this case, KBP offers a wide selection of assets that can be your right choice, such as Pancawarna Shopping Arcade which has special features in a location with clear captive market potential, and high business traffic.

Seize the golden opportunity to invest in the right property, and ignite your idea at Pancawarna Shopping Arcade at Kota Baru Parahyangan. To get the latest information from Kota Baru Parahyangan, please visit the Instagram account @kotabaruparahyangan and Facebook fan page Kota Baru Parahyangan.