With the emergence of the Coronavirus in Indonesia, Orchid Forest Cikole also stopped operating as of March 31, 2020, as a form of compliance with the government’s preventive policies so that the spread of COVID-19 can be slowed. While not operating, Orchid Forest Cikole is determined to prepare various forms of health procedures. Finally, on June 13, 2020, it was ready to reopen for the public with new visiting rules.

Orchid Forest Cikole understands very well how important the use of masks during this pandemic. So the place is determined to provide free masks for all visitors who come without using masks, as part of the new normal regulation. Orchid Forest Cikole also sets other safety standard procedures, such as checking the body temperature of all visitors before entering the venue, ensure that every visitor can social distancing by putting up a sign to keep their distance, providing hand sanitizers at several crowded spots of Orchid Forest, all visitors who come must enter the Disinfectant Gate before entering the venue, and also strict health checks on all staff.

In an emergency, Orchid Forest Cikole also collaborates with the Poliklinik Sespim Porli as the closest medical facility. The payment process in the Orchid Forest Cikole area has also been arranged by prioritizing the use of a cashless payment system using e-money in order to reduce physical contact. In addition to the preparation of standard health and safety procedures, Orchid Forest Cikole also prepares a variety of new spots. Such as the Paphio Terrace which now has a new face and also a collection of enriched orchids, visitors are sure to get a satisfying experience even in “new normal” times.

The price of a regular entrance ticket that was priced at IDR 30,000 will experience a slight increase in price by 30%. It is based on the latest regulations that are urged by the local government regarding the addition of facilities in handling the spread of Covid-19 in tourist attractions. The price is affordable enough for visitors to enjoy an unforgettable travel concept. For more information, check out the Instagram at @orchidforestcikole