Just when you think that you’ve visited the hippest bars in Bandung, think twice. You’ll be surprised you’re bound to stumble upon yet another gem hidden in the corners. To escape the crowds, put on your exploring spirit and enjoy these hidden bars with your close friends and maybe you’ll find some beautiful strangers.

1. Gloomy Sunday

Foto by ivanbhoedi

Despite of the name, Gloomy Sunday instead will make your night even brighter with their full of wonderful energy. This hidden gem is the picture-perfect definition of a speakeasy. Tucked behind a café on Jl. Anggrek, an almost imperceptible closet door opens up to a cozy Jazz-influenced bar. Although seating seems limited, a second room behind some velvet curtains reveals a piano bar. While the atmosphere is warm and intimate, the impressive cocktails are the true attraction here. From traditional cocktails to their bespoke signature series, there are plenty of refined flavors to indulge in. With guest bartenders visiting regularly, there is never a gloomy night.

Jl. Anggrek No. 34, Bandung

2. Pati Braga

Photo by yuriruyuk

This hidden bar in the Braga area has a cozy space to do a night away privately with friends. Occupying an old building, Pati Braga gives its own uniqueness to the atmosphere. It becomes a distinguished destination for cocktail and spirit lovers

Stocker House
Jl. Braga No.43, Bandung
P: 0812-9494-1787

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3. Peels Record and Bar

Photo by g____lo__ri

The most interesting thing about this hidden bar is its retro-style interior with a beautiful orange color dominance. Here you can also browse and buy various vinyl collections from various musicians. Not only that, but Peels’ Records is also happy to pipe sounds of the era too: its sound system comprises JBL 4315 vintage speakers, a Mastersound RADIUS4 mixer, and turntables. Although the area is small, this one bar can provide its own comfort.

Jl. Ir. H. Juanda No.113, Bandung