On April 4 yesterday, Rasi x Coconut came back to bring Digital Breakfast # 7 with the theme of Ramadan Insight. The talk show with free breakfast was guided by the MC of Rasi with speakers Aryo Priambodho (Managing Director of Coconut Indonesia) and Taufik (Marketing Director at Matoa Indonesia).

In the first talkshow session, Aryo Priambodho presented the theme Market Behavior on Ramadhan, and What to do about it. In this session, he stressed that Ramadhan contributed 40% of sales for a year and called on the Warriors to review further the marketing trends that emerged during the month of Ramadan. Understanding market behavior, maximizing content, and using Facebook and Instagram as social media are things that should be done to get the 40% profit.

In the second talk show, Taufik discussed further about Marketing Strategy for Ramadan, where he brought the marketing role as a disruptor in the Holy Season. In his discussion, Taufik stressed that to disrupt the market Warriors must understand themselves then understand competitors to be able to analyze, benchmark and ensure sales targets. The final step is to create a sales timing program that is consistent with consumer behavior during the month of Ramadan. Taufik also provided a reflection through the Ramadhan content made by Matoa to show how to become a Market disruptor.