Q: Very interesting. If there are people who are allergic to certain ingredients, can Khas Rotiselai accommodate this?
A: We at Khas Rotiselai are very aware that everyone has different dietary needs. For example, if a customer ordered an apple pie but didn’t want to use cornstarch, we would gladly make it. We will not consider the request excessive, because we know that everyone is different. Just make them part of the community. Then, there is also a story, we are close to the cycling community, how many hundred km can they ride a bicycle, and after cycling, for example, they ask, “I need food that is high in protein, but I don’t like meat,” so we were very happy. I was given the challenge, so I learned a lot and I think that’s our function in society.

Q : For menus like that, do we order custom, or they are already available on the regular menu?
A: It must be custom because if it is on the daily menu, they will also be bothered and confused because there is a need to pick. If we do it, the taste will be too much too, because the portion can be 3 times that of regular food, because food for sporty people usually combines several foods. So for custom orders like this, you must make a reservation beforehand.

The yard is protected by shady trees, very comfortable

Q : How do you see an industry like this in Bandung today?
A : I think it’s still lacking, especially since Bandung is known as a culinary paradise, but the people’s desire to eat healthy food is still lacking at this time. However, compared to 10 years ago, now it has started to grow. Especially as people get older, people start to know why they need healthy food and they start chatting with us about it, coming over and telling us what’s going on in their bodies. For us personally, it is very fulfilling. Yes, even though there are people who are aware of it, some are still cheating on unhealthy food. But actually, that’s their choice.

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Q: Right. But if you think about it, it’s also unique, yes you have a pretty strong ceramic background and are now making a baking shop.
A: Actually, when it comes to ceramic art and baking, the two are related because they are both made from flour, added with water, and then put at a hot temperature. So my own hands are used to shaping, making, and baking. The process is similar. In terms of art, cooking is also an activity that requires creativity in processing flavors to become food that is good for our bodies. So yes, it’s the same.

Cinnamon Roll & Milk Tea, all menus are organic

Q: Yes, So what’s next, what’s the future plan?
A : For me personally, we will just live according to the door that is opened, I can’t say what it is because we just saw this pandemic, everything could happen, but really just do what we have to the fullest, I really believe in good things will lead me that way, so I live today to the fullest because life is unpredictable, we never know.

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