Get your hassle-free groceries from these online stores in Bandung.

1. Ceu Haji Daging

Instagram: ceuhajidaging.bdg

Ceu Haji Daging is Bandung online meat shop where you can order fresh frozen beef. This shop provides Wagyu Beef, Wagyu Beef, US Slice Beef, Aussie Slice Beef, and Saikoro Beef! Order your favorite cuts here at affordable prices.

2. Warung Sehat 1000Kebun

Instagram: warung1000kebun

Warung Sehat 1000Kebun is known as an environmental-friendly shop that sells various organic and healthy products of daily necessity. You can order the product online via its delivery service and Shoppee.

3. Inagri


Inagri offers your daily supplies, from fruits to healthy food that you can order online. Your products will also be delivered to your place safely.

4. Toko Organic

Instagram: toko_organic

Toko Organic is a pioneer of healthy food stores in Bandung. Provides natural and organic products ranging from food ingredients to cosmetics. The product selection is based on the manufacturing process, ingredients used, brands, and reviews from buyers or certificates from health institutions.

5. TaniHub

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Through TaniHub, local farmers can sell their products to individuals, as well as companies. Order through TaniHub app to get the best quality of fresh vegetables, fruits, spices, and more.

6. Sayurbox

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Sayurbox delivers fresh fruits, veggies, and healthy products sourced directly from local farmers and producers in Indonesia, right to the convenience of your doorstep. The farm-to-table concept does not only mean reducing the layers of distribution between the farmers and producers to you but also reducing unnecessary waste of produce. With its 2-day pre-order, Sayurbox farmers and producers receive actual orders in advance, meaning your fruits and veggies are only harvested once bought. No waste, no fuss, only fresh and healthy product.

7. Happyfresh

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With the tagline “Fresh groceries at your doorstep in the next hour”, Happy Fresh connects conventional grocery shops like Farmers Market and Ranch Market with online shoppers. HappyFresh deliveries are available not only in Jakarta, but also main areas of Kuala Lumpur, and Bangkok. For payment options, you can pay cash or bill it to your credit card. You can even choose a delivery slot that suits your schedule.

8. Bandar Ikan ID

Instagram: bandarikanid

Bandar Ikan ID provides fresh, healthy, affordable, and guaranteed quality fish and seafood products.

9. KotakSayur

Instagram: kotaksayur

KotakSayur provides fresh vegetables, fruit, and meat for customers that you can order online. The products are in good quality and fresh. KotakSayur only Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

10. Pickfreshid


Pickfreshid is your trusted online fruit store that will deliver grade-A fruits only to your place.

11. Tukang Sayur Keliling

Instagram: tukangsayurankeliling

Tukang Sayur Keliling is specialized in offering fresh vegetables every day to be delivered safely to your place. In addition, the store also sells raw food ingredients, such as chicken, meat, and fish. All products are fresh and safely prepared before delivery. For order, you can contact via WhatsApp +6281809054560.

12. Mamyuk Kitchen

Instagram: mamyukk

If you’re looking for a high quality frozen meat which varies, Bandung Frozen Meatshop could be your choice. The shop is selling from AUS beef slice, US beef slice, premium wagyu, to oxtongue slice.