Every Mercure hotel is a unique and original invitation to explore the local culture. These brand hotels tell about their destination through skill, style, and authenticity, whether in decoration or menus inspired by the region’s characteristics. This adventure is extended outside the hotel, through Mercure “Local Stories” which provides an opportunity to explore local stories behind the destination. To explore further, Mercure launched Discover Local, a hotel experience full of exploration for visitors!

With Discover Local, Mercure provides an opportunity for visitors to explore the region they visit in an authentic way and from three perspectives: food, drinks, and crafts. Therefore, Mercure provides a very different way to explore the world and diversity of regions with enthusiasm, enthusiasm, and ease.

Each Mercure hotel adheres to local characteristics and provides opportunities for visitors and the public to blend into destinations by offering regional products and authentic experiences, both when visiting alone or together.

The Discover Local experience is held through the collaboration of local craftsmen selected by each hotel according to their local features. With this, Mercure hotels all over the world hold Local Day – a day that focuses on cooking and handicraft skills, allowing many people, whether guests stay or not, the opportunity to experience every Mercure destination in an original and authentic way. For example, the hotel provides an opportunity to visit wood puppet-making workshops in the Pangarang area, Bandung.

In Bandung – Indonesia, the local day Mercure Bandung City Centre is held on Wednesday, 3 July 2019, to coincide with the Rebo Nyunda program from the West Java Provincial Government, the hotel serves the Lunch menu “Rebo Wareg” whose menu and flavor are, of course, typical Sundanese. The Mercure Bandung City Center Hotel also invites media partners to the opportunity to visit the puppet making workshop located behind the hotel, precisely on No. Pangarang Street. 7 named “Urban Puppet”. The workshop has been around for 3 generations and is known by foreign tourists who visit Bandung through a travel agent. After this program, the Mercure Bandung City Centre hotel team hopes that the workshop can be recognized by many people, especially local guests who do not yet know that at that location there are experienced local craftsmen.

With Mercure, Accor offers hotels that are all different and inspired by the local. Mercure is the only medium-scale hotel brand that combines the strength of its international network with a commitment to sharp quality and warm experience from a locally inspired hotel. The Mercure Hotel is managed by enthusiastic hoteliers and welcomes business and leisure visitors throughout the world. Mercure has 810 more hotels in 64 countries. Ideally, they are in the city center, near the sea or in the mountains.

Accor is the world’s leading hospitality augmented hospitality group offering unique and meaningful experiences in 4,800 hotels, resorts and residences in 100 countries.

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