We believe in REAL FOOD.  Mad Cow Wine and Grill is the best edgy New York-style grill with a casual urban wine bar, creating a stylish atmosphere.  Enjoy delicious meals paired with beverage selection nominated by our in-house mixologist, while obsessed with the limitless view and city lights from the height. Featuring paddock-to-plate steaks, and prime cuts of meat. It’s that all? Apparently not! Our dramatic open kitchen showcases char-grilled, cooked over an open flame, or slow-cooked for melt-in-the-mouth textures and boosted the flavors. Our signature dishes are Tomahawk Steak, Maddie’s Surf ‘n Turf, and Maddie’s Bone Marrow.

Mad Cow is a carnivorous foodie’s dream, taking the ‘paddock-to-plate’ concept to a whole new level. A whopping 80% of the beef is grass-fed instead of the more common grain-fed for unbeatably lean meat with sweet flavors and beautiful texture. The wine list features more than 50 labels from around the world with a large selection of wines by the glass. At a retail price, you’d pay the same in the wine shop, try many by the glass, or any by the bottle. Maddie loves wine and hopes that the selection and pricing.

Mad Cow kitchen scenes welcome the dramatic dining scene of Mad Cow Wine & Grill Bandung. Diners at Mad Cow can experience and enjoy the open-flame Grill as Mad chefs present an artisanal Grill for live-fire cooking and smoking with charcoal. The bespoke Grill allows Mad Cow chefs to adjust the height of the cooking surface using the differing heights and heat from the flames or slow-cooked style to give a melt-in-your-mouth texture. Mad Cow Wine & Grill Bandung’s dramatic kitchen scene is sexily equipped with Josper, the perfect partner for our Mad Chef who wants to achieve the highest quality of grilling over charcoal. Josper’s revolutionary charcoal ovens are unique thanks to expert knowledge and dedicated Josper artisans who love grill tradition. In addition, our Josper Grill has a great visual, damn-good steel with the most cutting-edge designs. 

Taken from Josper.com, the versatility of charcoal-grilled cuisine is legendary. Meats and sausages understandably come to mind first when discussing grilling; it’s also a safe and healthy way to prepare excellent fish, seafood, and vegetable dishes, among others — almost any culinary idea can be brought to life successfully in a grilled version. To fuel the Grill itself, we burn low-smoke charcoal blocks. Josper burns hot with an excellent and even output. 

Inspired by design, The edgy interior is inspired by the 1920s, Moulin Rouge, and Railway Bandung station. The lobby entrance offers a Grande welcoming with strong 1920’s vibes. Where the big red Maddie statue stands out, once you are in, you will find a high chair on your right where it’s facing right to the open kitchen as if you are in a Parisian bar. Next to it is a wine lounge and wine bar complementing golds and fusion red chairs, elevating the ambiance. The Moulin rouge style can be seen from the sparkling lamp, which adds the sophistication of all dining ambiance at the main indoor dining space. From this dining area, guests can see through the semi-outdoor venue. Bandung Railway Station inspires the semi-outdoor venue with strong iron cast bullets showcasing a masculine touch and roaring the European 1920’s century styles.

At Mad Cow, many pairings considered “classics” emerged from the centuries-old relationship between a region’s cuisine and its wines. We also know that a pairing will have a more enhancing influence on one or the other. Master Sommelier Evan Goldstein notes that food and wine pairing is like two people having a conversation: “One must listen while the other speaks or the result is a muddle”. This means either the food or the wine will be the dominant focus of the pairing, with the other serving as a complement to enhance the enjoyment of the first. We are being serious when we talk about wine. The wine list is second to none. It is the city’s most accessibly priced collection of hand-picked favorites from around the world. There are more than fifty labels to choose from, including labels served by the glass, and all at the same price as those available in a wine shop. 

Maddie, the Highland Cow, is fresh on the scene and excited to meet and mingle. She brings handpicked fine wines to every gathering and thinks life is too short to be taken too seriously. Young at heart and quick-witted, Maddie doesn’t mess around when it comes to single-source, paddock-to-plate quality beef as well as free-range and organic. Her appointed chefs are experts at delivering mouthwatering meals that will have you chomping at the bit. In addition, Maddie is the perfect hostess, guaranteeing a great night out, be it with colleagues at the bar, friends for fine wine, family for a sit-down dinner, or on your own for a damn-good steak. She also serves up light bites, and gourmet platters, ensuring no one leaves hungry. Scottish Highland cattle inspire Maddie. They have long, wide horns and long, wavy, woolly coats that are colored red, ginger, black, dun, yellow, white, grey, “silver” (white but with a black nose and ears), or tan, and they also may be brindled. In addition, they have an unusual double coat of hair. The oily outer hair is the longest of any cattle breed on the outside, covering a downy undercoat. This makes them well suited to conditions in the Highlands, which have high annual rainfall and sometimes extreme winds.  Their skill in foraging for food allows them to survive in steep mountain areas where they both graze and eat plants that many other cattle avoid. In addition, they can dig through the snow with their horns to find buried plants.

If intimacy means everything to you. Our Maddie Paddock dining room offers everything to that. We have 2 Maddie paddocks where both have 1920’s style, adorned with eclectic interior Moulin rouge vibes. These two exclusive and private dining venues provide a space to create memorable stories while you enjoy your hand-picked wine & juicy meat grill. Maddie paddock allows you to host your private event until an intimate celebration. The beauty about Maddie Paddock can also transform into a great place to expand your network during your business schedule. 

We say ‘yes’ to local and organic fresh fare. Our menu is heaven for steak aficionados – we work hard to bring the finest chilled beef, preferably single-origin, all the way from the pasture to your plate. Our expert culinary team prepares each cut to succulent, moist, flavorful perfection on our handmade charcoal grill. Featuring hand-picked favorites from around the world. With more than 50 labels to choose from at the same retail price, you’d pay in a wine shop, try many by the glass or any by the bottle. The wine bar displays eclectic labels, traditional and trending wines – each with a story to tell. Dare to reveal the inventive cocktail menu, where traditional mixology is presented with a dazzling modern twist, or pair your drinks with tasty bar snacks and sharing-style plates.

Opening hours:
Every Wednesday – Sunday
Maddie’s Bar – Wine & Classic Cocktail 4 pm – 10 pm
Mad Cow Restaurant 6 pm – 10 pm (Dinner only)

Pullman Bandung Grand Central 17th Floor
Jl. Diponegoro No. 27, Bandung
Phone: 022 – 86038888