Coffee is no longer just an encouraging drink in the morning or a companion drink in the afternoon, but its presence from year to year has turned into a lifestyle, especially for urbanites. The coffee served is not just that, the baristas at the coffee shop are starting to develop and compete in creating innovations in coffee-based drinks or commonly known as coffee development.

YELLO Hotel Paskal Bandung, a hotel with the concept of Street Art and Gaming, held a Coffee Development class featuring Mr. Arief Budiman, Professional Barista on Friday 10 December 2021 which is open to anyone who wants to know more about coffee, the character of coffee, types of coffee and how to create them into unique and delicious drinks.

The event started at 14.00 WIB, which began with basic knowledge about coffee, coffee content, benefits of coffee, and sharing experiences during the world of coffee and while being a professional barista and continued with the introduction of tools for making coffee and the practice of developing coffee-based drinks in the area. Copy! Transit YELLO Hotel Paskal Bandung while still implementing the applicable health protocols. Arief introduced 7 kinds of drinks from his creations, namely; Tiramisu Coffee, Hazelnut Coffee Tonic, Half & Half Caramel Frappe, Iced Vanilla Lemon Coffee, Orange Brew Coffee, Iced Strawberry Latte, and Caramel Hazelnut Mocha.

After practicing how to make all the drinks, participants were challenged to duplicate one of the drinks that had been practiced by Arief and the successful participants were awarded the Grill it Up! Vouchers.

“Coffee’s role today has shifted from being just a drink known as an energy booster to becoming an inseparable part of the urban lifestyle, it can be seen in almost every corner of the city in Bandung, there are coffee shops or more modernly called Coffee Shops including YELLO. Paskal Hotel Bandung has a Coffee Shop called Kop! Transit. In addition to the increasing number of coffee connoisseurs, not a few also want to learn more about coffee, therefore YELLO Hotel Paskal Bandung organizes a Coffee Development Class in collaboration with Professionals in their fields as a forum for anyone who wants to add insight about coffee”. Said Popin Karunia Syahri as General Manager of YELLO Hotel Paskal Bandung.