After attracting 18,000 visitors and bringing international performers in 2019, the LaLaLa Festival will be back in 2020. A year that cannot be forgotten indeed, when international performers of the class Honne, The Internet, Crush and national music heroes such as Project Pop and Sheila On 7 successfully performed magnificently on one stage.

Given the massive enthusiasm for the 2019 LaLaLa Festival, next year the LaLaLa Festival will return on 18-19 April 2020. The Group as the promoter of the event is aware, that in addition to the success of bringing in big-name performers, there are still many shortcomings that occur at the LaLaLa Festival 2019. The promoter said that all criticisms and suggestions submitted had been accommodated, evaluated, and discussed in-depth. It would be used as a basis for building better performance in the coming year. Let’s start again — a sentence that is often echoed during the LaLaLa Festival 2020 preparation process. This time, The Group is collaborating with its new partner, The Imaginary Boys – a promoter who has experience and a qualified portfolio in Indonesia. Starting from Taylor Swift concerts, Bruno Mars, Avril Lavigne, Clean Bandits, and many more. By collaborating with The Imaginary Boys, The Group hopes that the LaLaLa Festival can provide a better experience for its visitors.

In addition, one of the evaluation results that will be executed is to make LaLaLa Festival 2020 a music event that is divided into 2 days, with limited capacity every day. Do not forget, there will be more and more ease of access provided for LaLaLa Festival 2020 visitors. Starting from the Festival Package that will provide a shuttle, as well as many other conveniences that will be announced later. Also supported by this, the promoter recommends that visitors do not bring private vehicles when attending the LaLaLa Festival 2020 as a form of consideration in reducing traffic that was a scourge for visitors.

LaLaLa Festival, as the first International Forest Music Festival in Indonesia again wants to voice its love for nature. LaLaLa Festival hopes to be able to further promote the beauty of forests in Indonesia as well as prove that Indonesia, especially Bandung can present a music festival that is able to compete internationally. For the dreamed results, the committee hopes that there will be effective cooperation from all parties involved in the event, including the committee, vendors, sponsors, and visitors to be able to continue to maintain order by complying with the rules and recommendations given, to maintain everyone’s comfort and the beauty of the forest that we walk on together.

To access the latest information from LaLaLa Festival, you can go to the website and official Instagram account lalala.fest.