When you hear Kozi Coffee, of course, the staple name is quite familiar to the ears of the people in Bandung. It’s a real common sense because apart from having branches in several places in Bandung and outside Bandung, Kozi Coffee has appeared long before the trend of coffee shops in Bandung as it is now. Of all the branches in Bandung, we personally think Kozi Marawa is one of the best.

We had the opportunity to visit Kozi Marawa some time ago. The location is very unique, the entrance is in a small alley and is only marked by a neon sign with the Kozi logo. After logging in you will find a very comfortable porch based by the gravel stones. Here, there is a bar table where you order, some chairs you can sit on, and various plants that make the atmosphere even verdant.

Backyard area

Not only the outdoor area, there is also an indoor area if you need more tranquility. There are also several private rooms that you can book if you want to hold a meeting. From here you will realize that the location is a house and the porch you just strolled through is the backyard.

Indoor area. Suitable for work

We noticed that at Kozi Marawa the majority of people who come are for WFC. It’s only natural because the atmosphere here is so calm, the table is also big enough to support your gadget’s arrangement, and most importantly, wifi is available here.

Manual Brew and Smoked Beef Sandwich

The best time to come here, based on our opinion, is in the morning. Kozi Marawa is open to the public at 8 am. You can order a coffee and then sit in the backyard and breathe in the fresh air and enjoy the quiet time regaining your mind and soul before starting work.

For the menu, not only coffee, you can also find various Japanese-style food such as beef curry, salmon ochazuke, gindara, miso soup, etc. We personally ordered a local hand brew with Ugandan beans accompanied by a delicious smoked sandwich. These two menus made our morning at Kozi Marawa even more enjoyable.

Kozi x Marawa
Jl. Kidang Pananjung No.6, Dago
P: 0812-2349-6848