2019 Keuken was successfully held on Sunday (04/08/19) at Rooftop Bandung Trade Mall, Cicadas, Bandung. The program started at 08.00 WIB and was started by yoga activities together with the Ngayoga community. Carrying the theme ‘Craft In Taste’, the 10th edition of Keuken collaborates with a number of collaborators who faithfully innovate and introduce the diversity of Indonesian culture in the culinary and handicraft industries.

The collaborators came from the Indonesian Kitchen New Generation (GBDI) who also invited their Master Trainers, such as Chef Chandra Yudasswara, one of Indonesia’s celebrity chefs, Chef Henry Alexie Bloem who is also the President of the Indonesian Association of Chefs (ICA) and Chef Ricky Sulaiman who won two The Gold Medals Salon Culinary times in 2013 and 2015. The three chefs enlivened the Keuken Kitchen Stage area by presenting cooking attractions by bringing their mainstay menus directly in front of Keuken visitors. GBDI also presents a battle cooking event in the Keuken Kitchen Stage area with participants consisting of students, to street vendors. In addition to cooking, Keuken presents creative talk sessions by figures who work directly in the culinary world as well as craftworks.

In this 10th edition of Kekeun celebration, Keuken still consistently voiced the #GoodFestival campaign. Therefore, visitors were encouraged to use public transportation to come to the location of the event, as well as bring personal eating utensils to reduce the use of plastic food containers during the festival. Visitors who bring their children were provided with a special safe and comfortable play area consisting of various types of toy rides in collaboration with Keuken Boulder Trampoline.

In addition to culinary and handicraft, the 10th edition of Keuken also features music areas of Donne Maula, Tito Yusuf, Hollow Cane, Tiur Music, DJ Toro, DJ A-Nice, DJ Bagvs, and others. The 10th edition of Keuken, Craft In Taste, concludes with a spectacular performance from Om Kuple in the Kitchen Stage Area and mesmerizing musical accompaniment from Lucas N ‘Sons.