Staying in this hotel, we don’t need to go outside as InterContinental Bandung Dago Pakar offers a complete journey, especially culinary. On our last stay, we savored excellent menu selection at Damai restaurant and captivating menu at Tian Jing Lou.

Damai Restaurant

Damai Restaurant is a place to be recognized as the best location in Bandung. The place is available for breakfast (buffet & ala carte) and lunch (ala carte) with local and international inspired dishes. We love how this place has an outdoor area where you can enjoy the breezy air while overlooking its panoramic view. On our last visit, we enjoy three of its highlighted menu, Nasi Goreng Bukit Dago, Oxtail Soup, and Chicken Jose Rigano.

Nasi Goreng Bukit Dago

Nasi Goreng Bukit Dago is Indonesian style fried rice in shrimp paste sambal, mixed with chickens, prawns, and eggs. It is served with chicken and lamb satay, a fried egg, grilled chicken, prawn crackers, and peanut crackers. With its various elements, this dish is so rich in flavor. The fried rice itself accentuates a savory taste, a little punch of spiciness, and a right amount of sweetness. It also exudes such an appetizing aroma comes from the shrimp paste sambal. The sides served with this dish are also compliment the whole flavor with juicy lamb meat and to-die-for peanut crackers.

Oxtail Soup

The Oxtail Soup might sound too ordinary, but we love how this dish appreciates the truest flavor of Indonesian style oxtail soup. Filled with plentiful oxtail in a delicate texture, along with rich herb broth and vegetable cuts. This dish is served with steamed rice and sambal. You can also change into stir-fried oxtail with green chili and mushroom. Another star in Damai Restaurant is no doubt the Chicken Jose Rigano. It’s an oven-baked half spring chicken, topped with mixed herb mushrooms, spicy barbecue sauce, and melted cheese, served with salad and potato wedges. We love how the chicken is crunchy and tender, complemented with sweet and savory barbecue sauce. The soft and crispy potato wedges also go along really well with the whole dish. This dish is the chef’s signature one and definitely, a must try.

Chicken Jose Rigano

To finish your dining, enjoy the refreshing Sun Riser made of orange juice, lemon juice, grenadine, and soda water. As for the dessert, try the recommended Burnt Caramel Cream which is created by Chef Ross Lusted. This dessert is a soft cream topped with burnt caramel, served with pear, pistachio, and berries.

Burnt Caramel Cream

Total Seats: 188 persons, Inside:94 persons, Terrace: 62 persons, Private Dining Room: 32 persons

Operating Hours: 
Monday to Sunday: 6.00 AM -10.30 AM

Monday to Sunday: 12.00 AM -4.00 PM

Monday to Sunday: 6.00 PM -11.00 PM

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