Quarantine yourself during a pandemic is something that has been done by everyone for the past few months, not only in Bandung but also throughout the world. Hotel De Paviljoen Bandung held a Chit Chat with De Paviljoen which was held on Saturday, June 6. Chit chat with Hotel De Paviljoen Bandung not only discusses the impact of the pandemic that occurred in the world of hospitality, but also notifies several facilities that have begun operating for dine-in, these facilities are Keuken Allday Dining, Koffie Story, and Vesper Sky Bar & Lounge, of course with health and hygiene protocols.

Hotel De Paviljoen Bandung also holds Live DJs online to accompany dinner for each Hotel De Paviljoen Bandung guest especially Vesper Sky Bar & Lounge. At the end of Live, Hotel De Paviljoen Bandung also held a giveaway which is still going on until June 15, 2020. These events are Hotel De Paviljoen’s Bandung efforts to arouse people’s enthusiasm to welcome the new normal that would soon be held throughout Indonesia.