With the national elections so close to Easter, an exceptionally long weekend means that there is plenty of time to spend with family and friends over the next few days. Easter is usually a time for gathering and merriment, a time to unwind and catch up with those that we keep close to heart. Bandung offers plenty of fun and joy for those willing to make the most of the long weekend.

Brunch non-stop

Two Hands Full | @anakjajan.com

Why do we love brunch on weekends so much? So we can sleep in and start the day late with a feast of course! During a long weekend, well then there’s basically an opportunity every day. Two Hands Full specializes in contemporary brunch cuisine with everything from healthy granola and muesli bowls to soul food like fried chicken and waffles. Other Bandung favorites like Two Cents, Miss Bee Providore, Hummingbird Eatery, Cups, and Noah’s Barn love nothing more than to provide some nourishment for the soul as well as the belly.

Take in the views

Tebing Keraton | @kesiniaja.com

Day trips to the hilltops are a favorite local pastime. The vast panorama, the fresh air, and the vibrant greenery are what keeps us sane. And lucky for us, Bandung’s insatiable craving for great coffee and food coincides with these magnificent views. Kawasan Wisata Punclut provides fantastic vistas over the city, while on Sundays they also provide a delectable tour of Sundanese cuisine. The adventurous can hike up to Tebing Keraton where the famous sunrises are rightfully celebrated every morning, while those wishing for a longer escapes are spoiled for choice in one of Maribaya’s many glamping spots.

Get in the water

SenGria Resort & Spa | @pergidulu.com

If a day relaxing by the pool is what the doctor ordered, the tranquility of the SanGria Resort and Padma Hotel are the places to be. Surrounded by luscious forests and placid views, there’s no better place to relax. For family outings with plenty of running space for the kiddos, the open green field of the Bumi Sangkuriang and the many slides of Eldorado Family Club provide something for everyone (including a hot tub for mom and dad 😊).

Snap Memorable Pictures

Rabbit Town | @telusur.co.id

For better or worse, selfie spots have taken over our culture by storm. Bandung caters to the photo fanatics by offering plenty of quirky selfie spots. Most famous are Rabbit Town and China Town, self-proclaimed selfie-towns that cover a litany of family friendly photo opportunities that range from the gorgeous to the downright eccentric. But there are many more unusual spots one can visit. Upside Down World is a museum where every room is, well, literally upside down, while Amazing Art World claims to be the world’s largest collection of mind-bending 3D art in the world.

Time out with a cocktail

Little Collins | @The Sweetest Escape

There’s never a better time than a long weekend to indulge in some cocktails and Bandung is currently seeing a resurgence in the art of mixology. Speakeasies like Gloomy Sunday have created an elegant menu of cocktails inspired by local ingredients, providing a much needed and absolutely lovely twist to Indonesian styled cocktails. Lulu’s Bar is another elegant newcomer to the cocktail scene, providing a serene rooftop scene. For those looking for a more boisterous atmosphere, Little Collins loves nothing more than to turn up the volume with some bouncy live music!

Author: Henry Guyer