Maybe some of you will feel annoyed when you are arriving late in the evening and checking in at a hotel then you still have to check out at 12 noon the next day. But now, worry less because if you stay at Hilton Bandung, you can enjoy a 24-hour stay! In order to make it even more special during your 24-hour stay at Hilton Bandung, we have a few tips that you can do:

1. Enjoy the room!

Premium Room at Hilton Bandung

When you arrive at Hilton Bandung, the first thing to do after checking in is to enjoy the room, of course. Hilton Bandung has 5 types of rooms ranging from Deluxe Room, Premium Room, Executive Room, Junior Suite, and Presidential Suite. We had the opportunity to stay in a Premium Room. This room is very spacious, the bed is large and comfortable, and there is a sitting area, and the most important thing is the bathtub where the first thing to do after arriving in the room is soaking up in a warm water inside the bathtub. Really a pleasant experience!

Warung Jajaneun Bareto at Hotel Lobby

Apart from this type of room, Hilton Bandung also has the largest deluxe type room in its class. Before you check in, we suggest to enjoy various traditional snacks and drinks at “Warung Jajanan Bareto” at the hotel.

2. Exploring Bandung

23 Paskal Mall (Photo Before Pandemic)
Street Food on Cibadak

After enjoying the room, it’s good for a little exploration in the area around the hotel. Hilton Bandung is located in a very strategic location be it for holiday or business. If you like visiting the mall, there are 23 Paskal, Istana Plaza, and PVJ Mall that you can visit. If you are culinary lovers, visiting the Cibadak area or Sudirman Street, will cheer your palate. All of these destinations can be reached within 5 to 15 minutes from the hotel

3. Dinner at Fresco Restuarant

Vongole Pasta

Coming back to the hotel after exploring the Neighborhood, let’s close this beautiful night by enjoying dinner at Fresco Restaurant. You can enjoy a variety of typical Italian dishes specially prepared by their culinary team. If you are a pizza lover, we recommend you to try the signature Fresco Restaurant’s Sour Dough Pizza. The pizza itself is a wood fire pizza which has a distinctive taste and a fairly thick size. There are several  variants including Frutti di Mare, Pepperoni, Tonno, Margherita, and Pizza Al Capone.

Risotto Rock Lobster

But if you prefer a la carte menu, we recommend you to try Risotto Rock Lobster and Vongole Pasta. If you are a wine connoisseur, Hilton Bandung also offers a wide selection of the best wines. You can ask the waiters at Fresco Restaurant for the best recommendation of wine to accompany your dinner.

4. Breakfast at Purnawarman Restaurant

Hilton Bandung guarantees the best quality of your sleep, during your stay and in the morning, open the curtain of the room so you can enjoy the warm sun lights. Then, heading down to Purnawarman to enjoy a sumptuous breakfast. Hilton Bandung offers a variety of menus from #Bandungpagipagi .

#Bandungpagipagi Breakfast Menus
Purnawarman Restaurant Patio

To feel the atmosphere and the cool air of Bandung, have your breakfast in the Purnawarman patio area. Guaranteed your breakfast experience will be very much relaxing.

5. Swim in Hidden Oasis of Bandung

Hilton Bandung Pool

One other advantage of Hilton Bandung is the tropical-style swimming pool with resort atmosphere that will make it feels like you are in Bali. After swimming, you can also relax at the gazebo by the poolside. Find it on level 6th Hilton Bandung!

6. Don’t rush you still have plenty of time!

Yes, after enjoying all he facilities at the hotel, came back to you room for a peaceful afternoon nap! No need to worry of missing your train, because Hilton Bandung is only 5 minutes away from Bandung rail station and 10 minutes to Husein Sastranegara Airport. If you use a car, Hilton Bandung is only 15 minutes from Pasteur toll gate.

Hilton Bandung
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