Thinking for a fresh new decoration for your house or simply adding stylish touch to it? Head over to these stores for some great choices of furniture or home decor.

1. Viku Home Decor

Viku already opened its business in furniture since 2000. The store sells various designs of furniture and home decorations with more into the modern-minimalist style. Viku also offers services to design your place, supported by experts and designers/architects who are experienced in interior project planning. At the same time, providing a different design that has its own aesthetic value for homes, offices, hotels, restaurants/cafes, sports facilities, or other public spaces.

Jl. AH. Nasution no. 98 Sukamiskin, Bandung
P: (Office) +6222- 7238392, (Mobile) +6281221958355
Instagram: vikufurniture; vikuhomedecor

2. U&KL by UNKL347

Photo: NHBL

UNKL347 has been known by the public as a popular clothing line in Bandung. Being bigger in the clothing industry, the store then expands its business to custom furniture and home decoration through brand U&KL. The products bring urban style furniture with trendy, eclectic, and modern design.

Jl. Gudang Selatan No.88, Merdeka, Sumur Bandung, Bandung, Jawa Barat
P: (+6222) 4220347
Instagram: unkl347

3. Top Style Furniture

Top Style Furniture offers sophisticated furniture and home decoration collection in its store. A place if you’re looking for some innovative and elegant products with exquisite detail. Top Style Furniture also sells some vintage-style decorations or accessories, ranging from clocks, mirror, to radios.

Jl. Veteran No.57, Kb. Pisang, Sumur Bandung, Bandung, Jawa Barat
P: (+6222) 4241848

4. Unihome Furniture

If you’re about to decorate your kid’s bedroom or more into the youthful and pretty design, Unihome Furniture could offer its best collection. Sells European style home product, from cabinets to dressers.

The Plaza IBCC Blok C1 No.2-3, Jl. Jendral Ahmad Yani No.296, Kacapiring, Batununggal, Bandung
P: (+6222) 6040270
Instagram: unihome_bdg

5. SOHO Furniture Store

Established in 2016, SOHO has grown to become your only residential and office furniture center, providing the best service and quality products right at your doorstep. This store provides various types and brands of furniture and home accessories that are produced at home and abroad at affordable prices. The price also competes with any offline store or the online shop in Indonesia with a guaranteed delivery that your product arrives in a smooth and flawless state.

Jl. Ibrahim Adjie 423 (Terusan Kiaracondong), Bandung
P: (+6222) 73280790