Founded in a Heritage building that has a distinctive architecture of the Dutch colonial era, HERBAL HOUSE by The Lodge was born from the initiative of Mrs. Heni Smith as CEO of The Lodge Group. The background is to encourage people to live healthy naturally and as an alternative effort for The Lodge Group to stay afloat during the economic crisis caused by the COVID-19 outbreak. Opened in March 2020, HERBAL HOUSE by The Lodge started its business by selling a variety of herbal plants to be used as a home-living pharmacy.

On her journey, Ms. Heni Smith also saw the impact of COVID-19 on the economy was very broad. Then was born the APPLE TART FOR HOPE program, which aims to help tourism practitioners who have no income due to the impact of COVID-19. Mrs. Heni Smith motivated the staff at The Lodge Group to help by making Apple Tart and Apple Pie from the Smith family’s hereditary recipe, where profits from selling Apple Tart and Apple Pie were donated to tourism practitioners.

Then in June 2020, there was also HERBAL HOUSE HERBS & EATERY by The Lodge as a culinary business development where people can enjoy a variety of food and drinks with a warm atmosphere of a 1930s home. To maintain the beauty of the original architecture of the buildings occupied, the interiors used are antiques with a blend of Indo-Dutch style. A beautiful and lush back garden area with trees is also used as an area for guests who like the outdoor atmosphere.

By maintaining the slogan of a healthy life naturally, food or drinks served at HERBAL HOUSE HERBS & EATERY by The Lodge contain herbal plants with healthful properties. All food sold at this place comes from fresh ingredients and is processed directly in a healthy and hygienic way. The coffee served here also comes from selected and organic coffees.

Foods that are characteristic in this place are French Apple Tart, Apple Pie, Lamb Shank, and Rotisserie Chicken. Then there are also a variety of main dishes that are not less delicious including Kecombrang Fried Rice, Special Herbal Rice with 7 Spices, and Apple Salad. Distinctive drinks from this place are also unique, including Green Juice, Spice Coffee, Orange Ginger, and many more.

For those of you who are interested in enjoying or want to buy HERBAL HOUSE HERBS & EATERY products by The Lodge, you can come directly to Jl. Sumur Bandung No. 6, Dago, Bandung. Food and drinks sold here can also be ordered through GoFood. For direct bookings, you can contact +6222 -20454830 or WhatsApp +62811 2349 956.