Braga is one of the legendary streets in Bandung. Since the colonial era, the area has been the center of everything from the economy, business, and tourism. Many things you can do here as we compile in our guide to Braga.

Things to Do

1. Exploring historical buildings

Braga Street

Braga is famous for the many historic buildings located in this area. Some of them are Bank Indonesia building, Gas Negara Building, or Majestic cinema. There is another historic building that has now changed functions, such as the first luxury car showroom in Bandung, Fuch En Rens, which has now been turned into a fast-food restaurant. We suggest you contact the Aleut community to make it easier for a historical building tour in Braga.

2. Buy souvenirs at Sin-Sin Art Shop

Sin Sin Art Shop

The shop, which was founded in 1943, sells a variety of traditional and modern handicrafts, such as wooden sculptures, silver handicrafts, wall hangers, puppets, and others. Not only from West Java, but this place also sells various souvenirs from Central Java, Kalimantan, Bali, and Sumbawa.

Sin – Sin Art Shop
Jl. Braga No.59, Braga, Kec. Bandung Well, Bandung
P: (+6222) 4238574

3. Hunting for vintage goods at Cikapundung Antique Market

Photo by Destinasi Bandung

This is the paradise of antique collectors, both from within and from abroad. Some antiques are sold here, such as old-fashioned coins, wall hangings, stamps, toys, musical instruments, home telephones, and other trinkets. Here you can also bargain with the sellers.

Pasar Antik Cikapundung
Cikapundung Elektrik Center, Blok, Jl. ABC Blok U-1, Braga, Sumurbandung, Bandung
P: +62817 2347777

4. Take a walk to the museum

Photo by Kelanaku

There are two museums located not far from Jalan Braga. The first is the Museum of the Asian-African Conference where you can learn about the largest conference of Asian and African nations at Gedung Merdeka. Second, you can learn the history of the struggle of the army and people of West Java at the Mandala Wangsit Siliwangi Museum.

Museum Konferensi Asia Afirka
Jl. Asia Afrika No.65, Braga, Bandung
P: (+6222) 4233564

Museum Mandala Wangsit Siliwangi
Jl. Lembong No.38, Braga, Bandung
P: (+6222) 4203393

5. Shop at Braga Citywalk

Braga Citywalk

For those of you who like to shop, there is a shopping center on Jalan Braga, namely Braga Citywalk. Here you can find various restaurants, cafes, clothing sellers, spas, and even karaoke venues.

Jl. Braga No.99-101, Braga, Bandung
P: (+6222) 4260533

6. Enjoy the Nightlife in Braga


Besides being famous for its historic buildings, Jalan Braga is also famous for its nightlife. There are various clubs, karaoke, billiards, and bars that are open until midnight in this area. The atmosphere will change at night, so get ready to party.

Where to Eat

1. Braga Permai $$

Photo by My Eat and Travel Story

Founded in 1923 under the name Maison Bogerijen, Braga Permai survives through various ages. So you must come to Braga to visit this legendary restaurant. You can order a variety of menus from western to traditional. Some authentic menus are still maintained here, such as Ice Cream with 6 variants, pastries, and cakes such as Tompoesjes, Ananas Geap, Speculaas Almond, Ontbijkoek, and Booterstaf.

Jl. Braga No.58, Braga, Bandung
P: (6222) 4233778

2. Toko Roti Sumber Hidangan $

Photo by The Food Explorer

Another legendary restaurant on Jalan Braga. Founded in 1929 under the name Het Sneophuis, this bakery can last today. In fact, it is currently still run by the second generation of the shop owner. The highlighted menu of this store is Roti Cinnamons and homemade Ice Cream. With a place that is not renovated much and seems very old, you will have the opportunity to feel the atmosphere of the past here.

Jl. Braga No.20-22, Braga, Bandung
P: (+6222) 4236638

3. Braga Art Café $$

Photo by My Eat And Travel Story

Braga Art Café carries a vintage concept so as to provide a special experience for those of you who visit here. Combining the style of Dutch buildings with properties made of teak wood adds a classic atmosphere of traditional Javanese style. Here you can order a variety of dishes ranging from food, coffee, beer, to shisha. Braga Art Café also has a pretty outdoor bar for you to relax.

Jl. Braga Indonesia No.68, Braga, Bandung
P: (+6222) 84281268

4. Bacang Panas Braga $

Photo by Andieta Food Journey

For those of you who are walking around the Braga area at night, it’s a good idea to try the food at Bacang Panas Braga, which is opposite the Majestic Building. Bacang itself is a food made from boiled rice resembling rice cake or rhombus. The inside of the dumplings is usually filled with beef, then wrapped in palm leaves tied. It is better if the meat is eaten while still hot for a better taste.

Jl. Braga No.1-7, Braga, Bandung

5. Kopi Toko Djawa $

Photo by Majalah Otten

Toko Djawa shop was originally a bookstore that was established in 1955. However, because of the lack of interest, this bookstore had been closed and re-opened in 2018 to become the Kopi Toko Djawa which was very hype among young people of Bandung. Their highlighted menu is Es Kopi Djawa which consists of a mixture of coffee, milk, and java sugar. The atmosphere of a vintage shop makes visitors feel at home to linger here.

Jl. Braga No.81, Braga, Bandung

6. Warung Ceu Mar $$

For those of you who are staying up late or hungry in the middle of the night while visiting Braga, Warung Ceu Mar might be the right choice. This rice stall located near Cikapundung Market offers a variety of Sundanese food. Their highlighted menu is Cow Curry with very tender meat and savory flavor. In addition, there are Rames Rice, Semur Jengkol, Vermicelli, Soy Eggs, Tripe, and many more. The unique thing is there is no price tag on the menu, only Ceu Mar knows what the price of one portion you eat.

Jl. Braga No.29, Braga, Bandung

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