An article published in 2017 quotes a study revealing that Indonesia is the second-largest food waster in the world, with nearly 300 kilograms of food per person going to waste every single year. One reason for this could be the lack of suitable delivery methods from supplier to buyer, meaning freshly grown or produced foods cannot be transported safely and therefore must be trashed. If only there were a way to get those foods from the grower who is out of town and right to the doorstep of the consumer.

But wait, there is! The solution is: GreenBox Indonesia.

GreenBox is the brainchild of Bandung local couple Prasetyo and Ami, university graduates and parents of one adorable boy, who had been looking for ways to put their passion and intellect to good use while taking action to reduce waste in Bandung.

The basic premise of the GreenBox business is:
1) The client places an order for fruit, vegetables, meat, seafood and other grocery items
2) GreenBox staff source the items from local Bandung growers and small businesses that evening
3) They pack the produce (using minimal or no plastic) in cardboard boxes sourced from local warungs
4) The food is delivered to the client’s home or business the next morning

It’s win-win-win-win. The client is assured fresh, high-quality produce, often organic, with no MSG or preservatives, plus they don’t have to go out searching a range of locations for the very best of what they need, PLUS they are supporting local enterprise, PLUS they get the convenience of home delivery. The producers can sell more of their items on-site, reducing costs for them and giving them more time and money to spend on their farms. Warungs and businesses can pass on their cardboard boxes to be re-used, instead of having to trash them or pay for them to be collected for recycling. And Prasetyo and Ami are fulfilling their dream of finding real solutions to the global problem of food waste.

Since it began in January 2017, the business has built a strong client base and is supplying to new clients every week. Bandung families love the convenience, especially when both parents work and they don’t have time to shop, yet they want to enjoy the experience of preparing healthy food at home. Jakarta clients love the quality and variety of Bandung’s farm-fresh produce. Some local catering businesses also rely on GreenBox to supply their grocery needs.

Customers can order items such as condiments, drinks and cakes from GreenBox, who support local enterprise by sourcing products that they know their client will love and which create a complete grocery package. GreenBox also offers vacuum-sealed vegetable packs, with everything you need for your meal, including seasonings and flavourings. This packaging ensures freshness, but you can request no plastic if you are a true ecophile.

Currently two rooms of Ami and Prasetyo’s home is devoted to storing the boxes as they come and go from the supply line. GreenBox also collect used glass jars, and re-use them for their own produce such as preserves. They are on the lookout for a solution to the single-use plastic problem, and one idea is reusable plastic containers, which they are researching now.

Further plans for GreenBox include expanding the supply line and building the team, plus adding a website which showcases the products they offer and making ordering even easier. Currently they can be found on Instagram and some e-commerce marketplaces. They also plan to enter business competitions to gain funding to grow this project even further.

Follow greenBox on Instagram (greenbox.idn), and contact them on Whatsapp (0896 2186 0447) to place an order, and you’ll get all of these benefits and more:

✓ healthy lifestyle
✓ support Bandung growers
✓ support local small business
✓ reduce environmental footprint

✓ order in Indonesian or English
✓ deal with professional, friendly team

GreenBox supplies and recommends these businesses (find them on Instagram):

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@dapurdesy – everyday and event catering, plus maker of condiments
@coffee.scape – coffee roasters and brewers
@ngopidikebon – coffee shop in the bamboo forest

@mamazy.bdg – frozen foods (yoghurt, nuggets, meatballs, rissoles, dumplings, vegetable fritters, meat, tofu)