Grand Dafam Braga Bandung (GDBB) which on February 1, 2021, did a re-branding by cooperating with the Hotel Dafam Management operator network. Grand Dafam brand is a four-star hotel and with the brand itself, Grand Dafam Braga Bandung has a hotel and condominium hotel (condotel) concept.

Located on Braga No. 99 – 101 which is the heart of Bandung, it makes access for sightseeing around is easy. Overall, Grand Dafam Braga Bandung has 111 accommodation options consists of 58 hotel type rooms ranging from Deluxe Room, Business Room, Executive and Suite Rooms; while other 53 condotel units are used for a 2-bedroom condotel suite and a 3-bedroom suite that are fully equipped with a dining room, living room, and kitchen.

In addition to a very strategic location, other advantages of staying at Grand Dafam Braga Bandung are having a balcony on each floor of the condotel unit making it easier to get fresh air from outside the room, separate AC conditions from one room to another (Individual split AC).

During this pandemic period, we provide several offers, including the “Work from Hotel” promo with a price starting from IDR 1,350,000 net per room for 2 nights, and the package includes 3 times meal (breakfast, lunch, and dinner), free laundry, and snack bars. The package is very convenient for those of you who have a busy work schedule and still want to take your family on vacation while working at the same time because the rooms have a concept to make guests feel like they are in their own home.  

Furthermore, for the short getaway, the “Staycation” promo starts from IDR 580,000 net per room per night including breakfast and dinner. They also have an “Isoman Hamper” promo at a price of IDR 300,000 net, which is a delivery package for friends or relatives. Free delivery for the Bandung area.

For food promo, because during this pandemic some people are afraid to eat in public places, the hotel provides the “Vaksin Nasi” package, which is a package of rice packed in a box at a price of IDR 30,000 net. The package offers different variations of the food menu every day.

Grand Dafam Braga Bandung has also succeeded in obtaining the CHSE certification, for Cleanliness, Health, Safety, and Environment Sustainability by the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy. This certification was obtained from the results of auditing conducted by a team of independent auditors who reviewed and ensured that Grand Dafam Braga Bandung had followed the health protocol standards recommended by the task force.

For information and reservations please call +62-22 8446 0000, email, and website Grand Dafam Braga Bandung.