There is no word not being creative even in this pandemic era, this time the Head Chef of favehotel Hyper Square is trying to create a new menu that is ready to eat.

Do you still remember ROSA? a signature toast with various flavors of favehotel Hyper Square, now has a new flavor variant, namely Cheese Beef. This new variant is a blend of bread, beef, and melted cheese which is certainly delicious.

Besides ROSA, the newest menu that is ready to try is Wonton Goreng & Wonton Kuah Tom Yam

. wonton or better known as dumplings are processed with favehotel Hyper Square style recipes. For fried wonton served with sauteed vegetables sausage or meatball. However, if you like soup, this Wonton also comes with Tom Yam sauce that is perfect for lunch or late afternoon.

Curious by the taste? Enjoy the delicious ROSA Cheese Beef, Wonton Goreng, and Wonton Kuah Goreng for only IDR 35,000 net.