We are super excited about the newly opened Pullman Bandung Grand Central not only for its great location which right across one of Bandung most iconic buildings Gedung Sate, but also for its many culinary journeys that it has to offer. So far, this five-star hotel has opened two out of four of it’s F&B outlets: Sadrasa Kitchen & Bar and T Box Tea Room, with two more restaurants coming soon, Mad Cow Wine & Grill and AKASA rooftop bar. 

To begin with, let us take you for a culinary tour at Sadrasa Kitchen & Bar, Pullman Bandung Grand Central’s main all day dining restaurant. With an indoor, alfresco and bar area, this restaurant set up is a very pretty spacious dining area to choose. It’s elegant interior design, paired with decorative art installations in several spots making this space very stylish for a hang out place and maybe take a few pictures to memorize it. 

Sadrasa Interior

When you stay in the hotel, you don’t want to miss Sadrasa’s tempting breakfast spread. But from what we’ve tried, the restaurant’s a la carte is also nothing to speak lightly of; a mix of delectable of International fares and a refreshing twist on traditional Sundanese and Indonesian recipes. 

Tahu Brontak

To start our journey, we tried some favorite Indonesian classics: Tahu Brontak dan Bakwan Sayuran. At first, you might think these ‘gorengan’ is just another copy of a common street food fare you can find outside. But its larger than normal portion size, a lot lighter and less oily texture will make you change your mind as it’s also a lot more delicious taste. Tahu Brontak is deep fried tofu skin stuffed with spicy mix of vegetables, dip in battered and re-fried to a crisp. Sadrasa’s flavorful and spicy filling, soft tofu, and crispy outside, will make you wished you ordered more than one portion. 

Sate Diponegoro
Sop Buntut

For the main course, you can’t go wrong with the Sop Buntut (oxtail soup) and Soto Betawi (Jakarta style soto). Brimming with lots of tender cuts of high-quality meat, the two popular Indonesian fares are served with white rice, emping crackers, lime and the house made sambal. These two menus have quite generous portion that won’t leave you hungry. Another must try is Sate Diponegoro, especially if you’re a meat lover. A mix of 10 skewers of lamb, beef, and chicken satay neatly served on a mini charcoal grill, ensuring your satays will stay warm to the last bite. Served with a portion of lontong (rice cakes), sweet soy sauce, house made sambal, and pickles. The satays huge chunks of meat surely make this big plate portion large enough to share. 

Jajanan Pasar Tasting Plate

For dessert, we tried the Pisang Goreng Kipas two pieces of fan-shaped sweet plantains (hence the name) deep fried to a crisp. But it didn’t stop there; Sadrasa’s version is drizzled with melted chocolate, topped with cuts of fresh strawberries and topped with a scoop of ice cream. What a heavenly way to end your meal! But if you’re more in the mood to sample local favorites, we recommend the Jajanan Pasar Tasting Plate. As the name implies, the plate consists varieties of jajan pasar, light bites commonly sold in traditional markets of Java. In Sadrasa’s case, the platter was a choice of kue celorotpisang aromagetuk lindridadar gulung, and Bandung’s favorite: pisang bollen.   

Pizza Margarita

Last but not least, we had the chance to try one of Sadrasa’s most favorite western fares: the made to order Pizza Margarita. A deceivingly ‘basic’ pizza, simply topped with tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese and fresh basil which it is actually a tough pizza making skill to master, but Sadrasa proofs its worth and nailed this Italian classic. For a larger grazing experience, indulge in the classic Pepperoni Pizza. Cut into 8 large slices, share it with friends or have a whole circle just for yourself. 

These menus are just some of the many options that you can enjoy at Pullman Bandung Grand Central, both dine-in or in-room dining. Wherever you choose to enjoy your meal, you also don’t have to worry about the safety and health protocols in the premises. The hotel has applied Accor’s #ALLSAFE protocol and CHSE Certified with 100% score.

For more information about Sadrasa Kitchen & Bar, please click here: https://www.pullman-bandung-grandcentral.com/dining/pullman-dining/sadrasa-kitchen-bar/