Technology is undoubtedly changing everything from the home appliances and gadgets that we regularly use at home to how our cities are managed to increase efficiencies and improve the quality of services and life for its resident that someday will become a smart city. The hospitality industry is no exception. In many ways, Pullman Bandung Grand Central is leading the change in the adoption of smart technology for its hotel.

From operations to elevated services, advanced technology can surely improve the hotel’s experiences. Let’s see how Pullman Bandung Grand Central makes traveling and being away from home more accessible, fun, and convenient.

Mano the Robot

First you will welcome by Pullman Bandung Grand Central’s lobby ambassador, Mano, an Artificial Intelligent Robot with a fun and cute design by NKG, one of the world’s leading companies in electronics. Located in the lobby of the hotel, Mano will gladly assist and interact with the guests. It is able to do facial recognition, voice interaction, and give information. Mano means intelligent, hard-working, and brave. Also, Mano is the perfect companion for your selfie and kid’s friendly.

Giant LED Screen

Pullman Bandung Grand Central wants to ensure your personal or professional meetings will always be dynamic and entertaining. The hotel is equipped with giant LED screens for collaborative meetings. Big display screens are the future of conference rooms. The Grand Ballroom has a giant 75 m2 interactive LED screen that will maximize your meeting experience. The Jasmine Junior Ballroom and the Function Rooms are also equipped with high-quality conference LED screens that offer a broad view level. With this cutting-edge technology, every attendee will get a crisp and clear picture in the room that makes communications run smoothly and seamlessly. Pullman Bandung Grand Central’s LED screen is perfect for any occasionto bring co-workers together and enhance teamwork.

Digital Flipchart

To provide the best equipment and services for your meetings, Pullman Bandung Grand Central features Samsung Digital Flipchart. It operates like a big interactive TV or tablet, user-friendly, and ready for visibility, notation and display. With Pullman Bandung Grand Central Digital Flipchart, you can easily share all you need to communicate with your guests or collaborators. It helps to make them more imaginative and engaged. Also, Pullman Bandung Grand Central’s Digital Flipchart is easy to install; that’s why one of the top benefits is convenience. You can connect the device and begin sharing work with your team. It makes sure meetings are anything but monotonous.


Let’s have a look at your room. Advanced technology at Pullman Bandung Grand Central makes your experience as guest even more fantastic, thanks to the IPTV installed in your bedroom. IPTV stands for internet protocol television and entails users receiving television programs over the internet instead of classic old antennas. Enjoy the hotel’s LG 55” large screen in the comfort of your bed. In addition, you can enjoy Pullman’s smart technology facilities to access and see the unlimited world. The technology also allows you to browse the internet and access your online tools using IPTV. Finally, you can transfer your mobile screen to the bedroom’s TV with Screen Mirroring technology. No more YouTube, work, or calendar management on a tiny phone screen.

Icaros VR

Stay healthy and fit by joining the exceptional gym of Pullman Bandung Grand Central – Power Fitness. It is the place to unleash your energy with style. While you will find all the best gym equipment, the advanced technology provided by Pullman Bandung Grand Central will offer you a unique sporting experience: ICAROS. ICAROS combines fitness and digital technology to create exciting and functional exercise experiences. Using Virtual Reality goggles and the ICAROS sport flying machine, your fitness session will take a new turn of fun and boost your health potential. They aim to keep you at the top of your game, so be ready!

With its advanced technology, and top-notch facilities provided for you, Pullman Bandung Grand Central brings you a modern high-tech urban experience in the heart of historical Bandung.

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